Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where do they find DMV workers?

No, I'm serious - WHERE?
Do they start out as normal and nice people and morph into something else there?
Do they have a strict hiring policy to hire the most rude and irritated people to be found?
I know some people would say that its because they deal with raunchy and mean people all day but everyone who was waiting was kind and friendly. People were talking and laughing. People were nice and friendly to my boys who were running around and saying hi to people. Nope, I don't buy that explanation.

After going up the counter and handing the worker my paperwork I was asked if I had ever had a ticket in New Jersey. I told her no.

After a few more minutes of her typing and looking extremely annoyed she told me I was ineligible for a drivers licence renewal because of the outstanding ticket in New Jersey.

Me: I have never been to New Jersey.
Her: Well there is a ticket for Lisa A Henderson with 6/16/78 as the birthday.
Me (worried thinking someone had stole my identity): And the drivers licence number matches mine?
Her: I don't have the drivers license number with the ticket.
Me: Well, can you find out.
Her: We only have the name and birthday.
Me: Well, Lisa Henderson is kind of a common name.
Her (in a DUH) tone: Ya, but the birthday is the same!

I was seriously standing there kind of wondering what to say. Seriously I cant get a drivers licence because you didn't record the licence number - just a name and birthday? Am I weird in thinking that was an important piece of information for the officer to get or for your really efficient office to keep in the computer?

Me: Well, that's not me and I have to renew my licence.
Her: Silence and typing
Me: After a few minutes - have you found more information?
Her (really irritated now): There is no more information! (back to typing)
Me: Standing there trying not to laugh at her and the whole DMV and their long waits and employees that think it would be against code to smile or be friendly.
Her: Slaps some paper down and tells me I owe $25.
Me: I decided to just pay and not say another word.

Seriously, I hope the DMV and Post Office are not the fate of our Health Care system.


amandamenghini said...

That seriously happened? How funny! I have always thought that the 'they deal with angry people' explanation was junk. Lots of people have to deal with angry and annoying people all day and they don't get to be angry and unhappy. It's called being a mom :)

Grandma Caroline said...

Amen, I find that too. Seriosly, I agree that DMV workers are the rudest people in the world. I just thought it was because I was the minority, see, in CA they are all Hispanic or Black!