Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Coco Chanel taught me....

I saw this on Pinterest and found myself a little offended by it....

Who is she to judge anyone by what they wear? How arrogant! How demeaning! But what really bothered me was how bothered I was with the quote. Does that make any sense?

Then I got to thinking that right now I don't feel great about myself. Last May and June I started having a hard time with everything I have gone through in the last year but I also didn't know I was SO sick. My Dr wanted me to try a low dose antidepressant and started me with Prozac and holy cow - I couldn't get out of bed! I was so tired! He really wanted me to give Lexapro a try after Prozac. Its worked really good to help me feel better but it also has packed the pounds on in the last 2 months!

When I got to my normal weight last year I threw all of my bigger clothes away so I couldn't go back...well that means that right now I don't have any clothes that fit. So when I read that quote it made me feel even worse. I wish I had the money to go out and buy clothes that fit and flatter my body...but we don't.

When I was finally able to be honest with myself about why it rubbed me the wrong way I was able to read it differently. She is right. I should try to look my best when I leave the house. Not looking my best when I don't feel the best about my appearance doesn't help me at all!

I am currently weaning off of the Lexapro and hopefully I can start to work back to my normal weight. In the mean time I may not have a lot of clothes that fit but I can still try my best to look nice.  Thank you Coco Chanel for that little bit of ladylike advice...even if it was hard to swallow.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Staheli Farm 2011

We took our annual trip to Staheli Farm this year and it was a blast as always!

We always have to start the night out with the barrel rides. I think this is the first year John or I didn't have to ride along!

Next was the saddle horses!

Caleb is growing up so fast! He had more fun pulling than riding!

Speaking of growing up....

The Corn slide!

Caleb was more interested in the Redneck trampoline :)

As always the Star Wars family walking around....we still don't know why but we do know they make all their own costumes. Impressive and my boys love them!

The duck races were a big hit again with the boys. They would play here all night if we would let them!

And of course the Corn Maze!

It is always such a good night. I put Caleb on so much medication before we went and it seemed to work. No breathing treatments this time! Wa-hoo the tradition can live on!

I rocked my Mamas cowboy boots that night, no biggie.

Its amazing just how fast they are are gorwing up. Just looking back over the 4 years we have gone to Staheli Farm I can see how much they are changing and growing from one activity to another.

Time sure does fly by....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The rest of the weekend highlights....

BBQ and Pool Party!

Celebrating Kams B-day!

Saying Goodbye for this trip...

Monday, October 24, 2011

From the Orange Country Register....

The Orange Family History Center, located in the rear of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Orange, celebrated its 20th anniversary on Saturday afternoon with an open house and dedication of the new Caroline Braxton Rober Internet Learning Center.

Following a presentation and a ribbon cutting ceremony, visitors had the opportunity to tour the center and use its various resources to learn about their ancestors.

The center, at 674 S. Yorba St., is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday and welcomes all guests regardless of religious affiliation.

Orange Family History Center Director Beth McCarty speaks during an open house and 20th anniversary celebration at the center on Saturday.

Randy Burnett - a stake president for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which hosts the Orange Family History Center on its church grounds - speaks during Saturday's 20th anniversary celebration.

Larry Rober, husband of the late Caroline Braxton Rober, for which the new Internet Learning Center at the Orange Family History Center is named, was on hand to help dedicate the new center.

Lisa Rober, daughter-in-law of Caroline Braxton Rober, stands with Kamden Rober, left, and Davis Henderson, Caroline Braxton Rober's grandsons.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Caoline Rober Internet Learning Center

The highlight of the weekend in CA was the celebration of the Family History Centers 20th anniversary, and the dedication for the Caroline Rober Internet Learning Center.

As we mingled with people who work at the Family History Center it was amazing to hear how many people our Caroline taught. She truly was teaching the teachers as well as the students. It is such an honor to have her name associated with the learning center.