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J & L - First real date

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March 30, 2002

My heart skipped a beat and I was taken back by how excited I was by that realization. I had my heart set to be in California! This phone call was the first time John flirted with me and I loved every second of it. One of the first things he said was, "when are we going to hang out?" I was so excited that he was finally asking me on a date! We talked for about 2 hours. I remember just laying on my down comforter in my Grandma Irene's cozy and squishy bed smiling at the ceiling. When we were finally wrapping up the conversation he still hadn't asked me out officially. As we were just about to hang out I surprised myself when I blurted out, " So? When are we going to hang out?"

He asked if I wanted to go to his soccer game with him that night and then go do something afterward. John didn't have a car but his Sister and her husband were out of town and so he picked me up in their truck and took me to his game. He was really good and I remember being glad that he was a good sport too.

After the game we went to hit golf balls in Lake Washington. He told me that his Grandpa use to live right on the water and he loved hitting golf balls into the lake. Unfortunately there was security and we couldn't do it. I told him I knew of a lake where there wasn't any security but it was 45 minutes away to my family's cabin.

We drove to Shoreline and picked up my car and I let him drive up to Lake Cavanaugh. I was shocked when we got there because there was snow on the ground. I had on my little Roxy tennis shoes that were open in the back and when I stepped out I got snow through my whole shoe. We were freezing and there was no way we were going to go hit golf balls! We went into the cabin and opened the blinds so that we could look out over the moonlit lake. It was freezing in the cabin because no one had been there in weeks so we cranked up the heater and climbed under a bunch of blankets on the couch.

We talked for hours. It was so comfortable and I felt so at ease with him. We laughed a lot and talked about everything! I had my hand strategically placed waiting for him to hold it but it just lay there empty for hours. I was starting to wonder if maybe I was reading things wrong because he hadn't made any move for my hand when out of now where he kissed me! And it was not some small peck either!

I was so taken back. Who kisses someone before they hold their hand??? Don't get me wrong I wasn't complaining but it really took me by surprise.

I couldn't help myself but after a few seconds I started laughing. All I could think was that everyone would think I seduced him to my family's cabin so that I kiss his kissable lips. I told him the whole story and that helped soothe the situation because laughing right after a boy kisses you is not the best for his ego.

One thing I remember most from the night was after he had kissed me I realized I was moving in a few weeks and he knew that. I remember wondering if that is why John all of a sudden made a move for me, because he knew I was going to be gone in a couple of weeks. I had to know and blurted out, "Is this some sort of fling to you?" I was touched with the sincerity in his face and words when he told me he definitely did not think of me as fling.

We ended up taking late into the night and decided that it was best to stay the night at the cabin. (Before our families start freaking out I can assure you that it was very innocent and pure). We just didn't know how long we had been talking. Okay, we had been doing a little kissing too...

For the record his lips were just as kissable as I had imagined - maybe even better.

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