Thursday, May 31, 2012

So sweet...

Apparently Over the Big Moon has gotten big enough that our website has a worth. They estimate our website worth at $8503. I wish! I sent John the link and this is what he wrote back:

Pretty cool that you are on the radar. But…. you are worth more than that in my book….and I’m your husband and an estimator. I know.

He is so sweet!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy, Busy, BUSY!

We have settling into summer and and loving it. With more time to be home I have started tackling projects that have just been sitting and waiting for time. It seems the more projects we get done the more there are to be done :-)

We are losing some good friends who are moving but so excited that they are giving us their grape vines. Now we have to get a spot ready for them. Poor John just finally finished running all the irrigation in the front. At least this project wont require him to dig under landscape rock.

I have decide to tackle the kitchen. I'm sick of the yellow. Poor John is devastated - okay not devastated bu he would love to never change it. Me, I like change. I sold a couple things from our etsy shop and so I bought a couple samples of paint to try out. When I sell 3 more orders, I will go buy it.

The last thing that is overwhelming me and keeping me busy is that I'm sick of the toys. Our boys hardly play with most of them and for the most part refuse to clean. A week ago I locked the play room and today I am going to start gutting it. Next weekend we are going to have a yard sale to try to build up the "buy Lisa a new phone fund" before my phone really bites the dust.

Pretty boring to read, but that is how life is right now. A little boring, a little lazy, but still plenty busy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome to Summer!

Andee and I threw a party for our little graduates on the last day of school. Davis went to Benson's house and so he missed the party.

We had sandwiches on a stick for lunch and frozen grape kabobs.

Even this big guy stopped by for a visit.

I love these next pictures. Caleb is so funny. When I told them to pose he posed but with his gun on Kruz. Check out his grin in the second picture when he got him.

Water balloons and swimming!

We finished the day off with Root Beer floats.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

T-ball's all over!

Yesterday was Davis' last game of T-ball. Next year he will go to machine pitch...goodness the time is flying! He did great. After his second game he never used the T again and yesterday he smacked his first hit way past 3rd base!

If you look close you will see he is about to smack the ball in the first pic!

Second time up to bat...

Playing second base:

I love this next pic. Everyone has to try to get the ball!

He loved the high fives at the end of the game. It was probably his favorite part!

His coach was great!

Our players!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Real" American Hero

Caleb: Mom, is GI Joe real or fake?

Mom: Fake.

Caleb: No he's real. I know. Hes a real American hero, because they said it at the beginning of the cartoon. A REAL American hero!

Mom: laughs...really hard

Caleb: bursts into tears

Ward Campout

The girls were invited to the Father and Sons camp out this year. We had a great time. We were planning on leaving at noon but due to some unforeseen site problems I got a call from John telling me he was headed down the mountain and we had to leave AS SOON as he got back! It was a crazy hour but we headed out and got to Kolob and got our awesome spot with about 5 minutes to spare (another group came up to save the same spot). Phew!

The Brinkerhoffs got there about an hour after us and then the Dillon's showed up too. Thank goodness because in my haste to get us out, I had forgotten to pack lunch! Amanda had us covered though and then a huge storm hit and so we all piled into our trailer and got it really muddy!

We set our awning up for the first time and it was really nice!

The Staples brought their 4 wheeler up and she was nice enough to take the kids on rides.

Love this series of pics:


Making the moves....


The kids spent most of their time hiking through the woods and hills playing capture the flag.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2nd Grade Egg Drop

What was an assignment for me as a Junior in High School in my Honors Physics class, Caleb did as a second grade assignment. Nice :-) They did an egg drop where the kids had to wrap an egg to survive a drop off of the school roof.

Caleb came up with the idea to use balloons all by himself so we blew up water balloons with just a little bit of air and packed the egg inside. Then we put angry birds pictures on the outside of course.

Well done my boy!

I almost had a heart attack during the drop though. Apparently peanut butter was featured as a good way to do it on TV and so there was egg after egg in peanut butter. One of the containers burst all over the sidewalk. Thankfully they started dropping them in grocery bags but then kids had to dig through to find the egg. There was peanut butter everywhere! What a nightmare!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Davis' Preschool Graduation

Hes so grown up. Hes really ready to venture out to Kindergarten. Yep, I cried.

We love Mrs. Shawna! Beckham is so excited because now that is his school!