Monday, July 30, 2007

Thought I would also post some cute 4th of July pictures of the boys. Too cute! Davis started walking and loves it so much he just will walk in circles. Hes a little miserable now that his 2 back molars are coming in. I don't know what happens when our kids turn one but they sure get an attitude! They both are so into hot wheel cars right now and just sit and drive them all over the house. Its funny to watch them interact with each other and when they really get playing together there is nothing cuter!

Picture of lot

Here is a picture of our lot. We should close on the lot on Friday and then hopefully get our construction loan and building permit in the two weeks following that. Doesn't it look so lush and inviting! Just kidding it will. Dixie Springs is a new development and when we first started looking there were only 8 houses being built. Now there are 20 going and hopefully we will be able to say we were in the first 25 being built. It is in Hurricane, UT and is about 2 minutes away from the Sand dunes and Sand Hallow Reservoir where you can water ski and wake board. We plan to get a boat so we can entice all our out of town family and friends to come visit us in the desert. More picts to come soon!

Here we are

Hi family and friends. We just created our brand new blog page so now we can be cool like others and feel like we are technically savvy, even though we are not. We actually are really excited to have this so we can keep a record while we build our house and for those who care to see the process they can follow it here. More to come tomorrow...I must go race cars for the time being since I have been trying to get bids out all day and my kids are bored and cranky!