Monday, July 12, 2010

J & L - The first "non-date"

* I am writing our love story, if you want to start and the beginning click here. At the very bottom of that post you can click on "newer post" and it will take you through our story in order.

Despite his exclamation of deep infatuation, he didn't move very fast. I had my best friends coming to visit over Valentines weekend and I kept telling John and Brian that I wanted them to meet Rachel and Kirsten. I was completely focused on living it up with Rachel and Kirsten and doing all of the silly fun girl things that I love. We really wanted to go see the Britney Spears movie, Crossroads, but it was the same night as the Valentines Party. We decided to go the party for dinner and then duck out in time for the movie. John came up to us girls in the lobby of the institute and I was able to introduce him to Rachel and Kirsten. I remember John once telling me that he remembered that I was wearing sparkly eye shadow that night.

That same night John and Beren were cleaning up after the party and they were talking about girls in the ward. Beren told John that he knew someone who thought John had a "nice smile" (well played Beren). He wouldn't tell John who but after a few minutes had passed John said, "Ive been thinking about asking Lisa Rober out." Beren said, "Did you know that's who I was talking about." John went away that night knowing that I thought he had a nice smile.

That Sunday at Church John came up to Rachel, Kirsten, and I and asked us if wanted to come to their house for dinner. We accepted and John started to panic because he didn't know what they had in their house. After knowing some of the food stories from the Frisky House I can see why he panicked! Luckily for him his brother Chris whipped up some good enchiladas.

John considers this our first date. Me, not so much. 3 best friends and 1 boy? Nope, definitely not a date! Not to mention that John didn't talk much. (To be fair - if you hear this part of the story from John you will get a very different story). John was on the couch and we were on the ground. John spent most of the time looking at the TV. The funny thing was there wasn't anything on! But his eyes were glued! (I have since learned that this is kind of just how John is. Poor guy cant help but watch a screen if there is one around).

We were feeling a little bit awkward and so we decided to leave. John asked us if we wanted to go see the Monks sing at the Church on Capitol Hill. We told him we had plans to watch a movie at our house but he was welcome to come up.

Us girls had the big hide-a-bed open and were all cozy and talking when John called to say he was coming. They were teasing me that John had a crush on me but I told them we really were just friends. He had never really flirted with me and I really didn't think he thought of me in that way. They made this really big production of making sure that I was on the side so John could lay by me.

We watched the Legend of Bagger Vance and by the end of the movie poor John looked in the reflection of the skylight and all 3 of us girls were sleeping! We woke up and I groggily walked John over into the kitchen and waved to him from there and didn't walk him all the way to the door. John walked away feeling a little rejected by my lack of enthusiasm.

Rachel and Kirsten immediately started teasing me when the door shut, but I laughed at them and told them - just watch, I swear we are only friends...

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