Friday, June 24, 2011

A love affair with office supplies

I am in the process of trying to assimilate all of my Moms things into my home and if you knew my Mom you probably understand that this is not an easy feat!

Today I unpacked 5 boxes of pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, books, white out, sharpies, tape, a zillion organizers, and anything else you could possible think of in the office supply department. My Mom had a thing for office that I inherited.

Growing up I loved when the fall was coming and my Mom would take us school supply shopping. Forget clothes - I wanted highlighters and new pencils! I loved to go up and down the aisles of Farr's Stationary store and pick out my notebook, my pencil holder, dividers, a new magic rub eraser, and of course a couple of mechanical pencils with their reloading lead that came in the small tubes. I loved to go home and put it all together.

I felt some of that excitement today as I unpacked all of the extra office supplies that she had collected. Yes, I think collected is an appropriate word - my Mom did collect office supplies. She was the best boy scout ever - Be prepared - and she was prepared for anything and everything!

Everything finally has found a home and is labeled and organized and it feels so good. Almost like the first day of school all over again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thats life.....I guess

I'm just back from 24 hours in sunny So Cal. The boys picked me up from the shuttle at 12:30 am and we stumbled home to bed. I woke to a messy house with chocolate chip cookies on the counter and happy energetic boys. Instead of tacking the day and the house we are doing this:

The boys are enjoying one of the awesome presents Davis got from his birthday and I am sitting outside in the shade on our sweet {free} bench John scored. Ive let the boys help themselves to the cookies on the counter and skip their chores. A boys dream summer day! Mine too, if my house would miraculously clean itself.

I'm a little jaded from my trip south. I went down for a Home Preservation Workshop that Wells Fargo was putting on. We cant refinance because we are to far underwater and cant qualify. A year and half ago they told us to try to modify instead. We have been through the loops with them over it. Ive wasted no less than 60 hours of my life jumping through their hoops. I sat down across from the underwriter yesterday and 1 minute into our conversation I was denied. I guess if you pay your mortgage each month you are automatically are disqualified. We qualify in every way except for the fact that we are not 61 days behind.

Nice. Information that would have been helpful a year and half ago! I'm grateful I had an honest underwriter who was straight with me while the big wigs walking around spewing their incessant BS.

Tax dollars well spent bailing out Freddie Mac (who owns my loan) so that honest responsible people are told to "strategically default." I no longer wonder why America is where it is today. Ive lost faith in our system that rewards dishonesty and punishes responsibility.


The only highlight was hanging with my Dad. We had lunch at L&L and shopped for a bed and bedding for the new guest room. I ventured to the nursery and planted some summer flowers in the front garden bed. I made a quick run over to visit my Mama and was happy to see that her monument foundation had been poured that very day. My dad made halibut coated in honey, sesame, and cashews with fresh green beans for dinner to help me swallow the disappointment.

So for now just a lot of this.

I love that Becks works it like his own personal catwalk.

"Im too sexy for this suit, too sexy for this suit..."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I love our wall

There is SO much to blog about and hopefully I will have the time to do it soon. Until then enjoy this picture of why a wall is so rad in Hurricane!

Friday, June 17, 2011

5 years ago today...

I gave you life.

And you gave my life purpose.

Love you Davis!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

33 years ago today....

You gave me life.

And so much more.

Love you,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My little creating space

Last time I was in CA I brought back many of my Moms sewing things. Ive never been much of a sewer. I don't have dreams to be a great sewer but I do have dreams of beautiful quilts. My Mom could sew and she did it quite a bit when we were younger. I wanted a space to have the sewing machine available. I rearranged our room and created this little corner for myself. I love it!

I found the sewing desk at DI and refinished it. I fell in love with the details of it.

Right after my Mom passed away I went over to TJ Maxx and bought those pretty boxes. I did not want my Moms stuff put in a U haul box and shoved in the back of the closet. I have all of her special things and remembrances in those boxes.

Part of the table top was missing so John reinforced the top with a piece of wood and then I glued down 2 pieces of 12x12 sheet metal. It makes the best workspace with these little magnetic jars for storing needles and pins.

I had been using the little metal canisters in my office and my Mom loved the idea so much she went home and redid her office using them too. My Mom actually got an organizational idea from me!!!

I still need to find a cute way to label these jars but I love how they look and everything they hold.

I remember this button jar from when I was a little girl.

When I found it in my Moms sewing drawers I was immediately taken back. I loved to look through that jar when I was a little girl. It was like my own treasure chest. I decided to use jars as my main organizing method in the big drawer.

I wish I had asked my Mom where some of these things came from. I know that pins and needle holder belonged to one of my ancestors. {Sigh}

She had some of the coolest threads on wood spools that were too cute to hide away. That pail has not only her sewing things but also many of my Grandma Irene's things!

I refurbished a picture holder I had made a couple of years ago to fit the wall the other direction and love the way it turned out.

I am working on another project that required me to buy a bunch of frames from DI and when I taking the old prints out I noticed this one.

It touched me and for now I like it where I can see it.

We have a little armoire that I converted to a craft closet that sits right behind the sewing chair so all of my craft goodness is in one spot and handy.

Now I'm ready to finish my first ever quilt top made from my Moms t-shirts!

I love having this little corner of goodness. It makes me smile all of the time!

My Aunt and Uncle had a condo for the week in Brianhead but my Aunt got sick and they weren't able to come. We were sad they couldn't come visit but they were nice enough to let us use the condo for the week.

It was super nice and had the most amazing pool! The boys and I went up on Tuesday for the day and John came up and joined us that night. We hit a little food mart on the way up and the boys chose artichokes for dinner. Yum!

We spent most of Wednesday swimming and having fun before coming home in time for swim lessons. We headed back up this last weekend and had such a good time getting away from home for a couple of days.

We started off hiking...

Davis of course found time to stop and pick flowers!

We played in the snow (who am I kidding - I stood by the car and didn't touch the snow - but the boys sure had fun)

We did A LOT of swimming and played a lot of UNO!

We should have been suspicious when Beckham fell asleep on his own....

I was up the rest of the night with a boy who was very sick! Despite the yucky ending we had a very relaxed time and it was nice to have a little break from the normal routine!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weigh in Week 1

I weighed in this morning at 155.

Up 5 pounds from my original prepregnacy weight.
Up 10 pounds from "normal".
Not up for long!

I am all about goals and breaking it down. Ive already shared my 30 day goal in my last post and my specific 3 month goal is to lose 1 pound a week. That way by September 1st I will be 144. There are exactly 11 Mondays between now and then so even if I have 1 bad week I will still be 145 by September 1st. That will put me back to where I worked so hard to get last year.

So do-able! I feel great after getting off sugar and this morning I was out and exercising right after the sun had come up. I'm not even going to break my rules for my b-day this week....and Davis' b-day this week....or Father's day this week.

Its going to be a busy week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back on the battlefield!

Once again I find myself fighting my personal battle of the bulge.


I know its silly...sugar really? Why is it so hard to say no to sugar? Ive tried over the last few months to moderate but there is no moderation when it comes to sugar and me.

Ive gained 10 pounds since my lowest which was in August of last year. And with everything Ive gone through I'm actually quite proud of that number. I hate it, but for an emotional eater like myself it could be worse - much worse! I had thrown all of my clothes away that had become too big and I am really getting uncomfortable in my clothes.

So here we go again....For 30 days (28 days left) I will not eat:
  • Sweets
  • Syrups, sugar on hot cereal, or sugar on top of anything
  • Soda
  • Fast food
  • Chips
I just need to break the cravings. I don't know why they take me by surprise every time. When do you ever hear of an alcoholic being able to moderating alcohol? I recently read an article that said that there is proof that an addiction to sugar can be just as strong as an addiction to drugs. That for those addicted to sugar some of the same chemicals are released into the brain that are released by drug addicts when they consume drugs. Whether or not its scientifically sound it sure made me feel a little bit better. But nothing makes me feel as good as being in control of myself and the clarity of mind that comes with a healthy and fit body.

My Mom spent the last year or two of her life "eating clean." She loved the the way it made her feel. One of the first things I knew I wanted of hers were her walking shoes she got when she started seeing a personal trainer. I knew I needed another way to deal with my grief that wasn't dripping in chocolate with a side of ice cream and a cookie for dessert :)

I think its time I strapped them on.

I will be checking in here on Mondays again.

Wish me luck!
(or maybe pray for me)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vice Versa

The boys and I spent yesterday up at Brianhead Resort for the day. They had a beautiful indoor pool and after about 10 minutes at the pool I was beat!

"Mom watch this"
Beckham jumps in - save
"Mom did you see it"
Save Beckham from drowning
"Mommy, Mommy, hey mommy do you know what I can do?"
Beckham jumps in - save
Becks jumps again - save
"Mommy see me!"
and on and on and on......

Constantly on my toes.
Constantly answering 10 requests at once.
Constantly moving and thinking.

I noticed an older woman quietly reading her book. She would look up once in a while to perhaps think about what she was reading and returned to her read at her leisure. A half and hour later she switched to one of the couches with a view and sat and read some more.

I couldn't help but envy her a little. What would it be like to sit and think? What would it be like to actually relax by a pool? Before long my heart was full of all sorts of desires for how nice it will be - later.

And then a thought entered my heart, just maybe she envies me. Perhaps she is sitting in that chair wishing her children were little again and needed her. Maybe she misses all of the attention and the need for her admiration? Maybe she longs to needed.

Maybe later isn't better?

I then vowed to enjoy being needed all of the time. This is my last summer with a child that relies entirely on me for his safely in the pool and I want to enjoy the feel of his little arms clinging around my neck. It seems impossible but soon they wont want all of my affirmations and they certainly wont ask for them.

It made me realize how badly I want to be grateful for each stage. I want to sit and read a book in 20 years and not long to go back to now because hopefully there wont be any regrets.

I have 3 boys (well actually 4) who clamor for my attention.
I am so blessed and I am going to be more grateful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aloha from Hawaii!

Sadly we didn't really hop a plane to Hawaii we just brought Hawaii to our home!

Last week one of the summer jar activities drawn was: Plan an imaginary trip around the world, where would you want to go?

Caleb immediately shouted Hawaii and off we went. In the morning the boys colored palm trees and Tiki masks for decorations.

Which turned out fabulous!

We feasted on our very own roasted pig
(shhhh don't tell them its really chicken)
As well as sticky rice and unlimited Pina Colada's.
The boys rarely eat as well as they did this night. They loved it!

After dinner we looked at pictures of my trip to Hawaii with my Mom and Dad 10 years ago. Then thanks to you tube we watched hula and fire dancing.

They thought it was fascinating and I have noticed a few of the male hula moves sneaking into Caleb dancing.

It was a perfect summer day!

Having the jar has been such a good thing for us this summer. We are actually doing something fun and interesting each day instead of just having good intentions that immediately get lost in the day to day.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Golf Camp!

We signed Caleb up for Golf Camp this year at Sand Hallow Golf Course.

Technically you have to be 8 but it helps when you are friends with the Golf pro at the course. I wasn't sure how Caleb would feel about golf. He was really excited because both Great Grandpa Henderson and Grandpa Larry are big golfers and he wants to be like them. On the other hand golf takes a little more discipline than Caleb likes to exhibit.

Everyday he would come home and say, "I just love golf so so much."

On Saturday they had a tournament and being the dorky Mom I am showed up to take pictures. I ended up staying to the whole tournament and had the best time. (Good enough that I want to start golfing again)

Caleb did so good. He was remarkably accurate for 7 year old. He got even more so when I told him to find the flag and line the shot up first :) They had obviously been doing most of their time before this on the driving range!

One of the things I was most impressed with was his manner on the golf course. He acted more like a gentleman and played politely and with a lot of discipline. I was wondering how he would do golfing in a few weeks with my Dad but I know he will do great. He was amazing and I am so proud of him not only learning how to hit the ball but also trying to adhere to the etiquette of the game.

We got him 3 of his own clubs (ugh golf is expensive)! He has a driver, a 7 iron, and a putter and loves having his own clubs. He collects tees, has 8 golf balls, and thinks his world is now complete that he has a golf bag. Oh, and he thinks golf carts are the ideal wheels for any boy :)

His little golfing group.

I think the future looks pretty bright for this little golfer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Son-day

With Mothers day over and Fathers Day quickly approaching the boys have been very anxious to know when "kid's day" was. Last night on our date night John and I found ourselves at one of our favorite date night stops - DI. There is nothing better than finding a good thrift find. Last night we hit gold with a golf bag for Caleb and a cash register for Davis that is a calculator with a working drawer with money inside!

On the way home from Church today we decided that since it was Sunday we would make it Son-day instead for an excuse to give them their presents. Becks got a fruit roll up and was happier than the other two with his present :) They requested individual cakes and so I quickly made them little messy cakes with their initial on it.

Which Davis dove right into - literally!

We toasted to them and we enjoyed milk from our fancy glasses
(from a previous happy trip to DI)

Mom and Dad got a cake too!

We sure feel blessed to be our boys parents!
Happy Son-day!