Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home alone!

Look who started school today! First official day of Kindergarten!

Such a stud, not even a hesitation.

Then it was off to drop this guy off to Preschool!

I call this the "enough already Mom!" picture.

He walked in like he owned the place!

I came home and cleaned for a couple hours and got SO much done! I grabbed Becks from our carpool just in time to get Davis off the bus!

Oh, man where does the time go. There is a part of me that feels a bit lazy or selfish for having time to just myself. Then I remind myself that for the most part, the last 9 years I have operated in panic mode. I have felt like I am running so hard and hardly able to keep up. I'm really looking forward to finally being able to keep up and be the kind of Mom that just might be a little less frazzled!

There is always hoping at least!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


John also got to escape with Beckham this weekend to go to SLC to sell some surfboards. They decided to take a tour of the Conference center while there.

John also got to see his childhood friends Joe and Dan.

Such good times for the boys! We missed them sooo much (wink wink!) Okay, we really did, but on the bright side I got SOOO much done at home!

The Bellagio

Davis and I got to go to Las Vegas last weekend to celebrate Uncle Ricks 60th b-day. We had a blast, just Mommy and Davis right before he started Kindergarten!

We headed straight to their penthouse suite where Davis and Savannah played and jumped all over the beds :-)

We got to watch the fountains from Uncle Matt and Uncle Peters room! What a view!

Then we headed over the Embassy Suites with Grandpa. It was so nice and quiet compared to the strip! Thank goodness!

The next morning we hit the outlets for some last minute school shopping, and then we were off to the Bellagio pool - or pools to be more correct! There were about 6 of them!

They had rented a cabana and it was so nice to sit and relax in!

Savvy, Davis, and I also went and explored the hotel.

I'm so glad I got a little one on one with my little man and to spend time with family! Savvy an Davis were the best of friends on this trip!

Our Spring Birds

We had a birds nest made in our wreath. I was worried we would get baby birds in it so I moved it. A couple days later it was there again. I forgot to move it right away and when I did check, we had baby birds. I took pictures every few days to show the boys.


Before I even got the wreath down and the poo cleaned off our door - we had 3 more new babies! It was a fun experience but I'm glad to have my door back!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Value of a Moment

Its funny how sometimes a taste or smell brings back the hint of a memory, and other times the memory comes back so strongly you almost feel you are back in that moment. I had two such sweet moments this week.

The first was so strong that for a moment I felt I was 10 years old again standing in my Grandma Irene's kitchen. We didn't eat peaches much in CA but each summer when we would go to see my Grandma in Seattle she would have peaches. She also always had Special K cereal and that was my favorite breakfast combo at her house (well, except for her local Albertson's Maple Bars). The peaches were always so sweet! This last week as I was eating the very last peach off our tree in some granola I was transported back and could even smell my Grandmas house again.

The second memory I got to relive for just a moment was as I was driving past Target and Lowe's. When John and I first moved here to St George my parents came up to help us move in and unpack the truck. Almost every move we have made, my Mom has come to help. She was the queen of organization and she would always come help me get things in order. This of course always meant a few trips to Target, Home Depot, or Lowe's. I remember we were heading out for something she knew I "needed" for the little apartment we were in until our house sold. We were trying to find Michael's and as we were driving down St George Blvd I saw it far in the distance as we were coming over the freeway.

I don't really know what about this memory that strikes me so strongly other than I was new here and I was trying to get my bearings. Everything was unfamiliar and in my mind the way that I saw it then, is not the same way I see it now that I am familiar with this area. Perhaps that is why it was so strong. Whatever the reason it was a little tender mercy and I couldn't help but smile. For just a moment I felt the familiar feel of my Moms love and security.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Resourceful Davis

When the dishes are too hot for Davis to unload, he just grabs hot pads to help him!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of school 2012

Its here! Caleb started school today and Davis went and had his orientation treasure hunt. I can hardly believe it! Davis doesn't officially start school until Tuesday when Beckham starts preschool too!

We started our morning off with cinnamon rolls!

Our big third grader!

Our Kindergartner!

He loves his backpack!

Then we were off!

Caleb didn't even wait for me he was so ready and excited. I had just enough time to wave to him from his door. We had to wait a half hour for Davis' treasure hunt. Luckily for him his buddies Ezra and Briggs are in his class.

Then we hunted around his classroom and learned all the rules. It was pretty obvious he was held - he cut his hat out almost perfectly!

His teacher is going to have her work cut out for her to keep him busy. Just yesterday in the car I was giving him math problems at his request. I said, "what is 6+3-1." He responds, "that's the same as 3x3-1." He is so smart! Regardless just watching him so prepared today made me feel really good that I have no doubts that he is ready!

Both of my boys have the teacher I was hoping for! We are going to have a great year, I just know it!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer is coming to an end!

At first I was sure I never wanted the summer to end! But now I am ready for the summer to wind down. In many ways I feel busier now than I have during the school year. Its a lot of work to keep the boys busy!

I love the cycle of life. From the structured demands of the school year that give way to the freedom of summer. Its funny how it seems to come at just the right time, when I need and long for the other. Maybe its the change I crave. Or perhaps its the natural change that gives me time to reflect and recommit to the things I need to do. Whatever it is, I love the start of a new chance and a new season.

Ive missed writing here on my little blog, hopefully this next season will give me a little more time to connect here.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Poor guy!

Poor Beckham has some sort of stomach bug that is causing some serious runs. Hes been on the potty whining, "this is taking to long" and "I don't like my bum bum anymore!" I try not to laugh but its incredibly funny to hear his constant moan of complaints.

He really wants my iphone to play angry birds on but a 3 year old, on the toilet, with diarrhea all make me a little apprehensive to turn it over to him. instead Ive turned him into a pocket poker addict! Poor guy!