Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gall Bladder has to go

Last night I went to the ER with the most horrible stomach pains! Felt like labor-only in my stomach. Ive been having them on and off for a few weeks but last night they were awful! We were lucky Mom and Dad were here and Mom took me to the ER. After waiting forever (why if its an emergency room does no one act like there is an emergency happening!) We finally saw the Doctor who said he suspected it was my gall bladder. He finally gave me some morphine to take the pain down. We were waiting for an ultrasound and all of a sudden the pain came back full force right as the ultrasound tech came. So I had to go have an ultrasound without pain medication and shes pushing into the side and front of my stomach and I am crying, panting, and moaning just to get through it. When we got back to the room they gave me some more morphine but it didn't work and then they gave me Demerol. Long story short they released us and I need oxycodone an hour later. I woke up this morning feeling better but afraid to eat. We saw the surgeon this afternoon and he said we have to remove my gall bladder. Were doing it a week from Monday since Mom and Dad will be coming back though and can be here to help me after the surgery. The only bad part is that I'm on a no fat diet until then. Not low fat- NO Fat. That almost is a liquid diet. We found some stuff at the store for me to eat but even soup is out of the question. I guess at least I'm going to lose some weight! Who needs a gall bladder anyway!

Here is a little more info that I figured I would put on here after e-mail Karey that I thought might be helpful: I feel fine as long as I don't eat any fat. Let me tell you though...its stinks! I have the surgery on Monday the 8th. I'm not in any danger of things getting worse or anything like that as long as I stay away from fat. We are just waiting so long for the surgery because of the timing with the kids and having my parents available to watch them. I will have 4 incisions. 3 are where they scope and one will be like the size of a nickle or quarter that will be in the center of my tummy up by my ribs.I should be fine in the pain department until then and shouldn't have any pain because there is not fat to process. If I do have pain I have some heavy drugs to help me through it. The recovery for the surgery should be pretty mild. The first three days are the most important that I don't lift and take it easy so I don't pop open a blood clot or bile duct. As far as needing a gall bladder: its the storage place for bile. My body will get use to it after a few months but its does stink for the first few months as your body learns to process fat without it. Any fat will just cause really runny stool (TMI!?!?)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Roof is on

Here are updated pictures from today. The framers will be done be done tomorrow!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mom your ride

My friend April sent it to me and I thought it was awesome! This is for all the Minivan driving Moms out there! Or soon to be!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Scariest moment of my life &Trusses are up

Today I had by far the scariest moment of my life. I was cooking Chili for our ward party this afternoon and had sat Davis down to eat some grapes while I was cooking. Caleb called me and I went to help him in the family room. When I walked back towards the kitchen Davis was standing there, bright red, eyes bulging with this pleading look in them for me. He was choking and so I put him facing down on my arm and was hitting his back but nothing was helping. I ran out the door to run and get some help and about half way down the driveway I heard a faint cry. So I pounded harder and half a grape came up and I reached in his mouth and started scooping grapes out. He had about 5 grapes shoved in there. It took a bout 30 seconds before we got a real cry out but who knows how long he went before I found him. It just makes you realise how fast life can change on you. Poor John I called him when it was all over but I was hysterical. I mean I was shaking out of control mostly because for a time there I thought I couldnt help him. So John heard me say "Davis was choking....I couldn't save him...sob....sob..." Poor guy! I'm not a great communicator when I'm freaking out.

Here are the trusses up. The first picture is of 2:00 in the afternoon yesterday and the second ones were at 6:00 that night.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The top picture is of the house at 9:30 this morning...
And then here it is at 6:00 tonight! All interior walls are up and they will roll the trusses tomorrow.
This is the nook and then my favorite part of the house, our corner pantry. Being a big Costco shopper we have NEVER had near enough room and I am so excited for the pantry.
Here are the boys at the front door! This is a fun stage because things are really happening and its changing so fast! Its fun to actually walk the house and see rooms! We love the floor plan and cant wait to see the whole thing all put together.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We have walls..kind of

Our framers called today and wanted to hop on it a day early so here is the picture of our slab and then with three walls. I cant tell you how good it feels to have something go up! They chalk the whole thing out on the slab so you can actually walk through and have a good idea of where all of the walls and rooms are going to be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sorry that our depressing post got left on top for so long. We took off for a great weekend to California for some much needed relaxation. We spent Saturday watching football and hanging out with Mom, Dad, Matt, Kelly, Brian, Mark, Lisa, and Kamden. It was so good to just relax with our fam. On Monday we went to Disneyland with Caleb's Great Grandpa and Grandma Henderson and we had SO MUCH FUN! It was great to see them and watch Caleb interact with them. These are some of our favorite pictures from the trip. We got to do two new things at Disneyland this trip. One was eating at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean). It was yummy food and such a cool atmosphere. We also got to go on the Nemo submarines and it was a cool new ride. Thanks for a great day at Disneyland Grandpa and Grandma. Also a big thanks to Dad and Mom Rober for hosting us and taking care of Davis for half of the day while we were at Disneyland. We appreciate you both so much! To all our family we got to see and be with this weekend...WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Do you ever have those times in your life where you feel like your trying to walk waist deep though almost dried concrete! It seems if something can go wrong it is! First the transmission in our car died and had to be rebuilt. Our truck was towed over the holiday weekend and we couldn't get it out for 3 days but of course had to pay the impound fees. Then John and I both got food poisoning so bad that we literally laid around for 3 days not able to care for our kids. The house is obviously not in great condition with 2 adults out of commission and 2 kids running wild. Went to take pictures at the lot and our camera is broken (still in warranty though so we are counting our blessings!) I could go on and on but I wont bore you with the rest of our troubles. I guess at this point all you can do is smile and laugh and hope that Heavenly Father thinks your getting the humility lesson and decides to ease the fire a little bit. I guess that's life! On a happier note we got to see Brian and Kate yesterday and it was great! We love our family and wish we were all just a little closer. We don't realize just how lucky we are until we have a couple weeks like this!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Day of Preschool

Our big boy had his first day of preschool ever and he did so good! He loved it and sat quietly when he was suppose to and played well with the other kids. Mom on the other hand was crying behind her sunglasses and we walked up to the door, his little hand clinging to mine because he was a little nervous at first. I really expected him to cling and protest the way he does when he normally starts something new but he just was so mature and even posed for a picture! Our little boy is growing up so fast! It was also pretty obvious who were the new moms. People like me who snapped every possible moment he breathed at his new school. Yep, I am that Mom!

Opinions PLEASE!

Okay I need some opinions on this matter and would like some honest feedback. We have picked out out our cabinets and this is what they look like in shape and style with no hardware for now but possibly adding black hardware in the future:

Now the thing is I fell in love with this hood:

The problem comes with appliances. We have a white fridge and a white microwave. We were thinking of buying a stainless steel dishwasher and range and then replacing it later but we got a sweet deal on a white range and dishwasher over labor day. We saved $400 to buy white not stainless. Now I don't know if I can go with this hood!?! I go back and forth everyday. Am I over analysing this? Don't tell me stainless will look better I know that...its just not an option, will white look horrible? . Our range is white but the top of the range (its gas) the burners and the burner racks are black. Also our granite is called Tropical Brown and the slabs we picked have black in them so there will be black in the counter tops. Here is a picture of our sample.

We have to go with white appliances, do you think I can still have my hood? Honest opinions only! Thanks!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The footings

Here are the footings to the house. They will be inspected tomorrow morning and then hopefully poured in the afternoon.
Welcome to our home! This is our front porch and entry.

Guilty Pleasure

So I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I love celebrity news and gossip. When I worked at KinderCare everyone was hooked and I got hooked to. Every now and then I go to to get my fix of news and gossip and yesterday I had a breakthrough.

In recent years adopting babies has become the thing for single celebrities. Hollywood has also had quite the baby boom in the last 5 years too. Yesterday there were two stories that really hit a point home for me. Halley Berry is pregnant and she has endured a lot in her marriages in the past and has aways talked about longing to be a Mom. In the announcement that she is now expecting she said something along the lines of how she has waited a long time to be where she is now. She is 41. There was also an article on Nicole Kidman who talked about how the night she won her Oscar was one of the most lonely nights of her life because she had no one to share it with.

It really made me realised that while these celebrities "have it all" in the worlds eye....all they really want is what I have. A man who loves me and that I love to be with and we have a great time together and 2 wonderful children. So the next time I have food in my hair and cant get a shower and don't have any clothes that don't have stains from my kids on them, I'm going to remember that the people who have the stylists and all the clothes in the world, really just want to be me.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

We had a great Sunday night where we went to these awesome rock creations that you can hike in and around that overlook St George. They are so pretty and it really is a dream for a kid. Its pretty easy hiking but you can get to some really high rocks and there are all sorts of little tunnels and caves to go in.