Sunday, July 11, 2010

J & L - The meeting

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Needless to say I was a little trepidatious but both Beren and Layne had sworn themselves to secrecy. In January the Elders were planning a big Valentines event for all the girls in the ward and the Elders Quorum Presidency wanted to get together with the Relief Society Presidency (which is over the girls at church) to talk about the plans. I was the 1st counselor so we met face to face for the first time at the top of the back stairwell in the Institute building. John insists that I couldn't keep my eyes off of him that entire meeting. I always remind him that he was sitting directly across from me, where else was I suppose to look! But in all seriousness, it was probably his perfect lips I couldn't stop staring at!

The next time we met was a few weeks later in early February when his roommate Brian Brushke and I were going to go out to visit some people in our Ward. His Home Teaching list and my Visiting Teaching list had a lot of the same people on it so we decided to go together. John found that he had a lot of people to visit on my list also and asked if he could come along.

The picked me up in Brian's little truck and I got to ride in the middle. John was wearing his gray jacket that has Velcro up the zipper and it kept getting caught on my sweater. We kept getting stuck together and having to pull his jacket off of my sweater! We went and did a bunch of visits and this was the first time that he and I actually got to talk or interact with each other.

At one house I gave a lesson on the Divine roll of Women and Womanhood. Now I don't want to brag, but it was a pretty good lesson! Not because of me - but it was just one of those special times when the Spirit feels so strong and the mood is just right that everyone is touched.

When they dropped me off I had to extradited myself from Johns Velcro (again) and they waited until I was safely through my door. Then John looked at Brian and said,

"I could marry that girl."

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