Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This last month the members of our Church have been picking apricots at the Church farm. John and I even hired a babysitter one morning so we could go together. It is surprisingly a lot of fun! We picked a total of 406,000 pounds of apricots that are all now at the cannery. The best part is when they have all they can take they open the fields to the public to go pick with a limit of 100 pounds each family. What does that mean for me....

I have A LOT of work to do!

We went down tonight for family night and it was a night I will always cherish. I love to work with my kids. I love their enthusiasm. Davis brought me dandelions to put in my hair and every time I saw him he was blowing another wish away.

I loved watching them run from tree to tree calling out to each other. When Davis' bag flew away in a breeze, Caleb invited him to come share with him. They both sat under one tree saying, "I'm so glad you came to share with me Davis." "You are so nice, Mommy Caleb is sharing!" I loved how excited Caleb was when we could set him up in a tree to reach the really orange ones that we couldn't get and how he would laugh when he would start handing them to me faster than I could bag them.

What happened at the end just about melted my heart. Beckham had spent most of his time working on a ice cream cone from McDonald's but he was getting a little fussy. Caleb took him by the hand under the tree and showed him how to pick an apricot and put it in the bag. Then they would clap. Beckham got so into it and they went from tree to to tree. Caleb encouraging and helping Beckham the whole way. It was hard to get Beckham to walk back to the car because he wanted to pick any apricot that he could reach.

I wish I had captured it all in pictures, but then maybe I would just show the pictures instead of express how sweet the moment was with them. For just a brief spell all of the interruptions of the world melted away and we were left to simply just enjoy each other and when we did - the work became play.

We start harvesting the peaches in a week!

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Grandma Caroline said...

I'm so impressed with how Caleb helped. I only have 1 word of wisdom to impart to you. Never start your canning on a day when you have something to do or someplace to go. Pick a day and get up with music on and an enthustiac attitude and your boys will always help you. You will have patients if you aren't on a timetable for something else.