Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A moment to brag

Its not often that as a parent we get to see our kids in a situation that we are not normally there. Today though I was the Mother helper in Caleb's preschool class and I have to say that I was so proud of him. There are 8 other boys in the class and Caleb was one of the best behaved. He listened when he was suppose to, waited his turn, talked nice to the other kids, shared in a way that I did not think possible, sat quietly during the lessons, and not once did he hit, hurt, or spit on other kids (which I have to say 5 other boys couldn't stop from doing those things over and over)! I was just so proud of him! He even gave up his candy bag when the parent that sent them didn't send enough! Sometime we only focus on how are kids are misbehaving and I feel like I always am saying "no" but today it made me take a step back and see just how wonderful and well behaved he is! He sure made my day and I'm so proud of him and love him so much!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

House Update

Here is the last pictures of the house I'm going to post until its all done. I figure it will be fun to do the big reveal when everything is done rather than to watch all the little interior things go up separate. John and I did spend most of yesterday up there painting. We got the master bath done and I glazed our kitchen yellow. I don't know how I feel about it yet. Its not as smooth as I thought so it kind of looks messy to me right now but I'm holding back judgements until cabinets go in next week. Other than that we have tile going in this week, the sewer line will be run, the driveway saw cut and poured along with the patios and walkways, the rest of the dirt will be brought in and graded, shelving will be put up int he closets, and the rest of the interior doors will be installed, not to mention we have to finish painting everything. FUN FUN FUN!

Other than that we are all doing well! Next week is our Stake Conference and we are probably going to go visit our new ward instead. The missionary who baptized my Dad is the Bishop of the ward that also meets in our building so that is cool and we will at least know someone.
Happy Sunday and Happy Birthday to my Dad who had his birthday yesterday!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome McKenna

Just wanted to let you all know that we are the proud new Uncle, Aunt, and cousins to a new beautiful little baby girl. McKenna Jai Boonsripisal was born on Oct 22nd to Mike and Karey! We just want to say congrats to them and we cant wait to meet the new little lady at the end of November.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Corn Maze

We had a blast at the corn maze for FHE tonight. Here are a few of our favorite picts. Caleb was awesome because he would consult his map and say "Ummm, its this way, come on lets go!" We thought Davis would love just being able to run free but he was a little frustrated with the uneven ground. Its nice when you can hold him and he isn't trying to dive out of your arms though!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Primary Program

Caleb was in his first Primary Program today and did so great!!! He dressed in his suit and they sat in front of the podium on a little stage. He was the perfect little man! I was sitting on the stand so I didn't see him during most of the program because I was sitting on the stage (suppose to be with my class but NONE of them showed up). John said that Caleb would wave and then wink and smile and give John a thumbs up during the whole program. He did go up to the podium and say his line, "I can show love for Jesus by being nice to others." We practiced it and he did great. John even said that he did pretty good with singing a lot of the songs. I cant believe how fast he is growing!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Did you hear....

Disney is doing a 1 billion dollar overhaul of California Adventures? I guess they think its disappointing. I love it. I think its prefect and its different than Disneyland with shows and more interactive things to do. Plus if you are from Cali its fun to see how they really represented all the different parts of it. I sure hope they don't ruin that. They want to incorporate more rides from the newer Pixar movies. I'm so sad!

Top 10 reasons we love St George

As John and I were driving the other day we were talking about how much we love it here. We have been here for almost 6 months and from what we have heard back in AZ its a GOOD thing we moved. But not just to be away from all of that but because this seems to be the place for us. So here goes our list of the Top 10 reasons we love St George!

10. The Red Rock and Palm trees, Even though we are in the desert its green and breathtakingly beautiful here
9. We are close enough to our families and close enough to BYU to go to games. Plus lots of people stop through or go to Vegas and we can see more friends and family
8. The weather of course!
7. Roberts craft store and 40% off every time you go in on one item
6. We can afford a house
5. We are close to so much camping, hiking, lakes, and recreation activities
4. Cafe Rio and Nielson's Frozen Custard
3. So much church history and the first working Temple that is so close to home
2. Its a big enough town to have a mall, Costco, and outlets and yet it has a small town feel
1. It FEELS like home

The amazing thing is that its hard to limit it to just 10 things. Being that St George is one of the fastest growing places in the nation and that Johns in construction I'm very happy to say that this will probably be home for a very long time!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bee stings, breakthroughs, and building

Davis was stung by a bee today and it was so sad. He just crumpled to the ground crying and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally I saw the stinger coming out of his finger. Thankfully he doesn't swell like I do but he just walked around for about an hour holding his hand out in front of him with a look like "FIX IT!" Nothing a frozen gogurt couldn't solve since that was the best way I could think of to get cold on his finger.

For those that don't know Caleb's background on Halloween- HE HATES IT! When he was 22 months we got him a cute Disco outfit and he literally ripped it off! Last year he spend most of the night, after John and I manhandled him into his costume, crying and whining to have it taken off. So this year I decided it wasn't worth the battle. When Grandma Caroline was in town though she found a little Thomas costume that wasn't to much to put on and got it for him. I didn't think there was anyway he would have anything to do with it but he is getting older and smarter because he came in, IN FULL COSTUME, and said, "Mom, I'm ready to go get candy now." Here he is all proud and willing. Thanks Grandma!

Lastly here are the most recent pictures of the house. There is no framing showing now. The people who are taping the drywall are funny because they walk around on stilts. Its cool and very effective.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rise and shout the COUGARS are out!

On Saturday John and I got to go the BYU vs UNLV game in Vegas. We picked the kids up in Primm at around noon from Dad and then went over to visit Johns family. They were kind enough to watch the kids while we went to the game (I'm sure they might have regretted that at 2:00 in the morning when Davis was up screaming for an hour- so sorry Henderson Family!)

We went to In-n-out for dinner before the game and it should have given us a foreshadowing of what was to come when In-n-out was bursting at the seams and there was 1 UNLV fan, 2-3 poor unsuspecting families, and then BYU fans everywhere! There were just as many, if not more BYU fans than UNLV fans at the game. We won 14-24 but it was a messy win. I tried to take a picture of the crowd just to give you an idea of how blue it was. I'm sure UNLV hates when BYU comes to town.

True Blue! Go Cougars!

Friday, October 12, 2007

House Update

Here is the most recent picts of the house. Our stucco guys were two days late but will be working out there today and the roof got mostly laid instead. Our little apt is getting crowed with light fixtures, appliances, flooring, and after today tile. We should be able to start painting in about 2 weeks and then we can start putting some of that in. My goal is to be in by Dec 1st now so we wont have to pay rent here for December. Its going to be a push since a lot of what is coming up is going to be done by us. Anyone feeling like painting or laying flooring? If so come visit!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Im back!

Sorry such a long break. I'm glad I only have 1 gall bladder so I wont ever have to do that again and I'm NEVER taking ingested heavy pain killers again. Enough said about those days, seriously you all don't want me to complain. I feel great today and am getting better each day. Thanks to Johns family for coming and being here the first couple days after the surgery and my parents for taking Caleb and Davis this week so I can fully recover before lifting our very solid Davis.
Its actually good they are gone because laughing is still the most painful thing that can happen right now and they are too cute and funny that I laugh too much when they are around. Here are some cute picts that were taken while I was out for those days and make me miss them! Good to be back in touch!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Update: Surgery and House

The hospital has been all crazy and changed my surgery until tomorrow at 10:00 so wish me luck. Also here is an updated pict of the house. Wish I had more time to write but if I'm going to be out of commission. I need to get our house in order!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mom's overture

WOW, I was having one of those days where I feel that everything coming out of my mouth is telling Caleb what and how to do things since hes tired and cooperation is beyond him right now. My friend sent me this and it just felt vaguely familiar!