Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fruits of my labors....

The crazy days have past (thankfully) and my poor house has taken a beating. Today I started the beginning of getting things back into order and it felt good. Here are the little crafts that I made for Peach Days to sell. Since we dumpster dived for the wood the total cost to make 3 sets of each was $30. Although if we added my time in there it would shoot way up because it did take a lot of time and love. Cross your fingers they sell at Peach Days to give us a little extra gas money for this weekend. If not then make sure to tell me of you don't like them because they are going to be gifts...well after I keep 1 set for myself :)
It seems we are really lucky too because they aren't letting anyone glean in the peach fields but since we were able to do it that 1 night we put away
  • 40 quarts of peaches
  • 9 pints of peaches
  • 15 jars of jam
  • 6 mini jars of baby diced peaches for Beckham (they are the ones in the front...aren't they cute!)

It was so worth all the time and mess and it feels good to say I got it all done! I'm really glad my Mom taught me how to work and how to can...its so rewarding in the end!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It must have been foreshadowing when before the ultrasound we bought a pink and blue balloon so we could take a picture with the right colored balloon after the ultrasound and the pink balloon burst before we got out of the parking lot. We went back to buy a new one and Caleb decided that he didn't want pink anymore he wanted blue like Davis'. So we went to the Dr office with 2 blue balloons!

One of the biggest reasons that I thought this was a boy was actually because of his name. I had heard the name Beckham and I thought it was cute but I would never name my kid Beckham because we were going to be a soccer family as it is and I don't want everyone to connect him to David Beckham. Besides we had our names picked out already. We were driving one day through some homes just looking and we decided to talk about names and we both said that none of the names we had sounded or felt right. Just joking John said we should just name him Beckham and it was like magic! It just felt so right. I said okay lets name him Beckham if its a boy and John just looked over and said, "okay." No bells and whistles just this weird feeling that the name Beckham was right. Lewis is after my Grandfather, my Dads Dad who was one of the coolest Grandpas ever from what I can remember of him.
We are excited. We would have been happy either way but we are all beaming and its just fun to know. Beckham was so cute during the ultrasound and he kept moving his hands all around by his face. It was hard to get a real clear look of his face on the 3D ultrasound because his hands kept getting in the way!

We cant wait to meet our new baby brother!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little bits....

So....John has a job that started in Cedar City and the budget is super tight. To save money he asked if he could take our fax machine. I protested for a few minutes since it has our answering machine on it. Who needs an answering machine though...I have a cell phone. I told him to take it and he did yesterday and then what do you know, yesterday afternoon my trusty cell phone that has been held together with electrical tape for 6 months decided to break. So now I have no answering machine at home and no cell phone. I just ordered a new one and it will be coming on Thursday evening. Until then if you need to get a hold of me and I don't answer at home send me an e-mail!

Tomorrow is the big day and it looks like more people think we are having a girl than a boy. I haven't got a clue but if I did have to venture a guess we both lean towards another boy. We cant come up with a girl name that sounds right but our boy name seems right. We always call the baby "he" but that may be habit since we have only ever called a baby in my tummy "he." Anyway I have craved the same things but I have never had this much acne...not even during puberty! So we will see....until 2:00 tomorrow.......

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Needing time to Breathe!

John and I are up to our eyeballs in projects and commitments. Here is a little list of what is going on!
  • 2 weeks left to teach swim lessons
  • John has a coaches training for AYSO today, I have to be at registration because I am now an executive member of the AYSO board of Directors as Treasurer. I have to learn quickbooks in the next day or two so I can pay the bills and deposit all the money
  • I am making Peach Days crafts to sell on Saturday that need to be finished
  • John just started a new project in Cedar City and has to get it all ready for us to leave
  • We are going on vacation starting Saturday after John teaches swim lessons and I sell crafts at Peach days
  • John gets a new calling on Sunday and I have Activity Days on Wednesday and have to have all of the preparation for our Mother/Daughter Tea Party planned
  • Our ultrasound is Wednesday!
  • I still have to complete my first Daring Bakers Challenge
  • Visiting Teaching is on Tuesday
As if that wasn't enough to keep us busy check this out....That's right...its peach Days here in Hurricane. The church has a huge Peach farm here and after they have picked peaches they let people go through and glean the tress. We thought the picking would be slim but we came home with more than 50 pounds of peaches (we only stopped because our bags were full) and we are taking some neighbors back on Monday to get more! So needless to say canning on top of everything is just starting to push us over the edge!

But just for a moment I'm going to take a second to show off our two cute boys because really that's why you all come here anyway!Now your all wondering if she has so much to do...why is she blogging...Well because it makes me feel better! Oh and because now I can say that I am taking it easy during this pregnancy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Caleb has been able to go with John on the boat a couple of times this summer. Hes watched John surf behind the boat and so the other day he came to John with a hanger and a little piece of string and asked John to pretend to be the boat so that he could surf using the hanger as the handle. Daddy of course had to take it a step further!

Davis for some reason couldn't stay on the carpet but he enjoyed his version of surfing just as much and when we did FHE this week the boys wanted to surf for activity!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Anniversary weekend and LIGHTENING strikes!

I am so sad these videos didn't turn out better. On Friday night we saw that there was some lightening but we didn't pay to much attention because we were to into our movie. After a while though it became impossible to ignore. No joke for 4 hours there was continual lightening. I mean a flash of light somewhere in the sky every second. There was no break in the thunder either it just rolled all the time. It actually was very scary and I have never been scared at lightening before. We unplugged all of our appliances, phones, computer because there were strikes that were hitting the ground all around our house. We were shocked there we not any fires. Anyway, you can only see the big flashes not the ones in the clouds so it doesn't give you quite the same feel. Still it was amazing and terrifying and it totally made me think of when Joseph Smith and the men went to Missouri to reclaim their lands and a mob was coming for them and a terrible storm started to roll in and Joseph Smith said Behold the power of God!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Has it really been 6 years...has it really only been 6 years!

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary and while that doesn't really seem that long, I can hardly remember what life was like without John. We have been through so much together in those 6 years and this year especially has been full of so many challenges and changes. Its amazing to me that in one of the years where we have done so much and had so much happen that we have come to a point where its been one of the best years of our marriage because we truly can rely on one another and support one another.

We have finally come to that point where we can both drop our pride a little faster, apologise a little faster, forgive a little faster, and be willing to let go of the things that really don't matter that use to seem like a big deal. We are comfortable enough with ourselves and each other to truly be one in all things.

We have learned so much in these 6 years and I cant even imagine all the wonderful lessons and stages we have to reach in the future if 6 years has brought us this far. I was thinking about something the Aunt in Work and the Glory said when her niece is struggling between two boys. She says, "you have to wonder if the fruit is going to sweeten with age or just go bland." I'm very lucky that I married a man who has sweetened so much in time and that I love more now than when I married him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

He did it despite my "buns of steel!"

Today I needed another shot of my progesterone. I really don't want to haul both kids into town each week and deal with them in the Dr office so I'm making John do them despite his reluctance! I got everything ready while he did a few laps around our room breathing deeply and saying, "I can do this!" He alcoholed the area a few times to give himself more time. And then he did it! Yeah for John!. My personal favorite part was how giddy he was after he had done it and kept say, "I did it!"
I'm flattered at how "toned" he must think my hips and bum are since he was like, "it went in easy, I didn't even have to put some muscle into it!"


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every once in a while you need a night out...

Last night as I was getting ready to make dinner the kids were already starting to get at each other I just decided we all needed a night out. We had a few coupons for dinner in town so I called John and told him to meet us as one place to eat. Our evening got off to a rough start with that restaurant no longer open and Davis reaching for his ducky in the car at last second after I had shut the door and got his little finger tips slammed in it.

We recovered though and went to Ross and Target looking for a new backpack for Caleb for Preschool since this year since he will need one a little bigger one than last year. No luck, but we had a lot of fun looking and I got myself a new maternity shirt for 6 bucks! We decided to go over to Walmart and have dinner at El Pollo Loco. We found the best backpack we could since it seems the selection was all for things like Hulk and The dark knight which angers me because they are both PG-13 movies!
Then the boys dropped me off at the Children's place outlet where I picked up swimsuits for next year for both the boys for $2.50 each (thankfully with a REAL tie since Caleb's tie for his bathing suit now is a fake tie and hes been showing off his bum all summer long). The boys went to the KB toy outlet to play for a while.

Then lastly we took Caleb to Coldstone to redeem his free ice cream for the Summer reading program and we had a buy one get one free for the rest of us. Coldstone for $3 is the way I like it! We ate outside while the boys played and ran around.

It was just a nice night and we dont just go out to splurge very often. I love summer nights here....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tryng to catch up

We are trying to recover from having most of Johns family here for 9 days. It was tons of fun and Caleb loved having someone to play with all the time...Davis was not so sure about having to share everything. I did have some contractions on Thursday night and Friday so I went on bedrest for a couple of days and got my hormone shot a little early. So lots of company then Mama on bedrest for a few days...well you imagine what you think our house looks like! Just kidding, it really isn't that bad. More later and I promise to get something new up on the cooking blog soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008