Sunday, June 29, 2008

Its official!

So is "bear" a real part of our family when Caleb decides that bear must say the prayer before bed and we indulge him? Caleb helped prompt him for the whole prayer. He even gave pauses in all the right places to allow bear time to say the things. It actually was a very darling prayer to hear Caleb help someone else pray and to take the role that John or I usually have to fill. Bear has been well loved for almost 5 years and he still looks pretty good...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jumping Jacks round 2

So we love Jumping Jack and today Davis finally started to get into it and was having such a good time bouncing up and down. Seriously the kid is darling and so funny and with those big brown eyes he melts everyones heart! Hes just content to be left alone and likes to play by himself. Half the time he just twirls with himself on the floor because its covered with pads and just cracks himself up as he falls down. Caleb on the other hand found 4 friends before we had even been there for 4 minutes and had a crowd following him the whole time. Its amazing how different kids can be! My personal favorite time of the day had to be when the lights got dimmed and they put on some colored disco lights and both kids ran for the big opening in the floor and just start rocking out and dancing up and down! Didn't need any push from Mom they knew exactly what to do when the lights go down and start flashing!

Ive felt much better the last two days and just praying that means I'm though the worst of it...not trying to get my hopes up too far though!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comedian Michael Jr. on Community College Students

We couldnt help but put this one up too because we were laughing so hard!

Michael Jr.

John and I love looking for nice clean comedians. This guy is pretty good. We first watched him on a video called Thou Shalt Laugh which has a bunch of Christian Comedians on it. Netflix has it and we really enjoyed it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is it bad....

When I'm only 1/4 of the way done with this pregnancy and I'm ready to be done already!
I just want to sleep and not be so hot and tired....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our baby is 2!

Happy Birthday Davis (actually it was yesterday). Poor guy got his first ear infection for his birthday and that kind of took a lot of his spark away for a few days. I have to say though the Dr asked if this was his first ear infection and I said yes and she asked if he had ever been on antibiotics and I cant think of one time that he has been on them! Pretty impressive to make it to 2 before ever having to take antibiotics!
Davis is such a great and important part of our family. He is always quick to smile and hes so laid back which helps those of us that are a little more OCD. He loves to take naps and lays down smiling and rolls over straight to sleep. When he watches a movie he wants to pull the chair right up to the TV and sit where he is almost touching the screen. He loves to play basketball, play with music (especially his drums), and loves to color. I love that he is cuddly. From day one he loved to cuddle when hes tired or not really feeling good or just wants a few minutes of love. Hes a great swimmer and will jump off the side into the deep end and just sink to the bottom waiting for us to scoop him up. He is finally starting to saying more words even though his eyes are so expressive he doesn't need to say much because we always know what he wants. Here is his current vocab at 2 years old (most of this is still subject to interpretation)
Whats that
gooooo cougars (pronounced co-ga)
one, two, three, four
poo poo
high five
ready, set, go
milk please
bye bye
night night
i dont know
cheese (for the camera)

Last year on his birthday he hated the cake! We literally had to force him to try it...
Hes learned a lot this past year...check him out with his cake now!

And this has been a very long post but really hes so worth it and we love him so much and are so glad that he is a part of our family!

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, I'm officially 30 years old! Ive been saying it for months to work my way into it so I guess its not so bad. I had a great weekend with family and friends. We got a babysitter on Saturday night and went out to eat at a place called the Texas Roadhouse. It has the best food in the world. We don't go often because its a place where they have buckets of peanuts and you just shell them and throw them on the floor. So with a child with a peanut allergy we try to avoid it. As you can see though we are expecting and all I wanted was MEAT! I love meat when I'm pregnant! We then went and saw Iron man which was good. We had a good Fathers Day on Sunday and then yesterday it was just nice and laid back. Poor Davis is sick and he gave me his cold so while my parents took Caleb to the pool Davis napped and I read a book. Cant think of a better way to spend my birthday!

As for the pregnancy we are due on January 18th. We decided to spill the beans a little early for Fathers Day but I guess mail takes 3 days from St George and so we were a day late with the cards. We are extremely excited. Ive had hormone issues since having kids and we thought it would take longer or that we would need medication but alas it didn't and we will have another child with a birthday right by Christmas...grrrr. Oh well we are not complaining! We had an ultrasound at 7 1/2 weeks and everything looks great!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ode to the men in my life...

As Fathers Day was approaching I was thinking just how lucky I have been in my life. First I was born to wonderful parents. My Dad was the best! He was always willing to play with us kids, laugh with us, and TEASE us! I don't think I ever remember getting a lecture from my Dad. All he had to do was give us a look and the fact that I might have disappointed him (because he never would say it outright) was worse than if he had yelled at us. He is so knowledgeable to. I can go to him with any question and its amazing to me how much he knows yet he would be the last one to try to show you how smart he is. As we got older it was always fun to bring friends home because they thought that my Dad was the coolest! He was so funny and so personable and they loved being around him. Even as I watch my Dad now as a Grandpa its amazing. Hes so great with my kids and he is always taking then to the park and to McDonald's to play. He is never to tired to listen to them or play with them. I love you Dad and I'm so glad that I had the chance to be your little girl!

I also have been blessed beyond anything I could have comprehended with the Father of my children. I don't think I have ever seen another man that is as good with kids as John. He has a way of turning everything into a game for the kids so that they want to listen and do what Dad says because its fun! He comes home each day and no matter what our kiddos are doing when they hear that door open Davis drops whatever he is doing and runs to the door yelling, "Dad, Dad, Dad!" Davis always just wraps himself up in Johns arms and lays his head on his shoulder. Caleb as soon as he hears the lock clicking runs and hides. John always takes the time to go hunt him down and act surprised when Caleb is hiding in the same spot he has been hiding in for weeks! In the morning if Caleb is asleep when John leaves he will come in and say sadly that he forgot to give Dad a "hug, kiss, high five, knuckles, I love you, and I love you too!" Nothing compares with the kids delight in being able to ride in Dads truck or ride on the long board with him. Before the father son I had put the boys car seats into Johns truck and the kids sat in them patiently for more than a half an hour with big smiles of anticipation because they knew they were going with Daddy! Each night after dinner he plays with the kids and gets them ready for bed and teaches them out of the Scriptures and lets me just get a little break. John never complains when he gets up to help me in the night with babies or sick kids and he has endless patience with them. Our family is so lucky to have such a great man to be the head of our house! He got a fathers day card from his parents today and the front of it said, "When it comes to Fatherhood you're a natural"...I cant think of anyone who that is more true for! We love you Daddy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I try not to post to many grrrrr types of posts but I cant help myself today. I had no clue as to what asthma entailed when I was told that Caleb had it almost 2 years ago. It seems there are so many varying degrees that doctors don't give you the full picture up front but wait to see how many attacks and how bad your child's is and then gradually get more aggressive in treating it. It took 2 ambulance rides, ~ 8 ER visits and 1 hospital stay for us to have the tools and knowledge to be able to control it at home. Even now its crazy that in the morning I can see that Caleb is starting to get a cold and by that night we are fighting to keep him out of the hospital! A cough does not mean a cough in this house. A cough means hes almost to hospital time. This time around he started having problems about 4 days ago and its been non stop breathing treatments and steroids and I feel so bad for his little body. You can see him shake because the meds all act as stimulants. He is on a daily steroid that is temporarily stunting his growth, they say that in the end it wont effect him he will just grown later. We also have him on the nebulizer every 4 hours, even during the night. Hes such a trooper about it though. This morning when he got up he was coughing so hard that he couldn't hardly breathe. I hooked him up to his nebulizer in my bed and he laid there like a champ breathing it in and when it was done I turned it off and he stretched his arms up high and said, "Thanks mom, that was awesome." The rolled over and fell asleep!

We didn't have the Internet when Caleb was in the hospital and so here is the video from then just to give you an idea of how hard it is for him to breathe and how much the meds effect his poor little body. I pray that he will grow out of this!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nacho Libre moves

This last Friday night we watched Nacho Libre for movie night. We have an editing DVD player so since it was PG we thought it would be okay for the whole family and the kids loved it. It was so funny because as soon as the movie ended both of the kids took their stuffed animals and started wrestling them. We got the tail end on camera but they weren't doing the body slams anymore. Why oh why do kids have to stop the cute things they do when you pull out the camera. The second video was of them "jumping off the ropes." They drag their little table over to the pillows and jump off as high as they can. We thought it was pretty funny that they are into wrestling now.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Jumping Jacks and Safety tats

We went to a place called Jumping Jacks today and it was so fun. It a place that just has a whole bunch of bounce houses. They have huge slides and obstacle courses and just plain bouncing houses. Caleb and I had been once before for a birthday party and I thought Davis would love it but I think the noise from all the air pumps kind of scared him at first. He got into in the end though! We will definitely be here a lot this summer!
My sister in law Kate put this on her blog and I thought it was worth passing on. They are temporary tattoos that have your phone number on them so if your kid gets lost your numbers is right on his arm. I think they are awesome especially for places like Disneyland. The best part is that you can do them at water parks and the beach too since they go right on the skin. They also have ones if your kids have special needs like this one that we will definitely be ordering! Anyway check them out because they have a ton of different designs at

Monday, June 2, 2008

One year ago...

Laying in bed last night I realized that it was our 1 year anniversary of moving to St George. I just laid there in awe thinking about how much we have been blessed in that year. Empire (Johns co in AZ) wasn't a great company to begin with but it seems we were able to leave just as it started getting really bad. They finally went bankrupt 2 months ago. We also were able to start our job here before the market got too bad. Within a couple months of being here the market really did start to slow. John at this point feels pretty good about his job even though things are slow. Hes been able to win a couple of big jobs and will probably clear 2-3 million in jobs this year and they wanted between 3-5 million. For the market though...that's really good.

Plus we really have found a "home" in St George. We love everything about this place and each day as I drive around the red beauty of this place my heart just swells with how much I LOVE it here! Its going to be the perfect place to raise a family and we are hoping that this is where we can stay forever! Okay, things have been even more perfect since the in-n-out opened and we have taken weekly trips :)

We feel so blessed and just so grateful that we have been brought here and that John has a good job and we have a good home. Plus once the 4th hits if for some reason we have to leave Sunroc we don't have to give back the moving bonus money! We don't plan on it though they have treated us well with some amazing benefits!

Cant wait for another great year here in this amazing place called St George!