Tuesday, July 13, 2010

J & L - Realization

* I am writing our love story, if you want to start and the beginning click here. At the very bottom of that post you can click on "newer post" and it will take you through our story in order.

I went over to see Brian at the Frisky House during that next week because I heard that he was moving to CA. I had decided to move back to the sunny weather with Kirsten and planned on leaving a few weeks after I got back from Hawaii. Brian wasn't home but John said he would be home soon and invited me in to wait. We chatted for a little bit but it was once again a little uncomfortable for me because John didn't really talk much. I remember there was a book on the coffee table and that helped a little bit with the conversation but he wouldn't even look at me. I was sure I was annoying him and that he was bored of waiting with me so I decided to leave and put the poor guy out of his pain. When I told him I was leaving he quickly asked me if I wanted to play pool. He smoked me but being the gentleman that he was he scratched on the 8 ball to make me the winner.

I left for Hawaii about a week after that. I still at this point didn't think John thought much of me since he always seemed to be really quiet when we were together. Regardless John crept into my thoughts while I was lounging on the beach sipping Pina coladas. I decided to bring something back for him from Hawaii and so it wasn't weird I looked for something for Brian too. I had the hardest time deciding. A cool shell necklace seemed like too much but a cheesy souvenir seemed lame. I decided to get them some Macadamia nuts, guys always love food! (As a side note, John still has the nuts and they have never been opened and he never shared or even showed them to Brian)

I got home and needed to get the ball rolling on figuring out how I was going to move. I really needed to know if Brian had room in his truck for some of my stuff. I called over to their house and their roommates said Brian wasn't there and so I asked for John. When he got on the phone he said "Lisa Rober!"

The tone he spoke those two words in made me realize that Rachel and Kirsten had been right all along...

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