Monday, March 31, 2008

Good eats and Sweets

My friend Amanda has started a blog site that I'm going to be posting recipes on and if you ever want to get some ideas for new recipes check it out! I labeled it as a favorite on my page!

From the comfort of my own home!

Its here! The Internet is here! It took a lot of calls to Qwest and a lot of calls to UPS today but we are all hooked up and running! I'm SO happy! Anyway we had a great week last week and I will blog about it but I figured I better go make some dinner and not starve my family. The kids are going to bed early though so I can some do all the things Ive waited 4 months to do!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hes still got it!

We were over visiting some friends today enjoying some good food and a campfire outside. Before dinner the boys were playing football and jumping on the trampoline and John showed us his moves. So here it is!

We look like we are still at least one week out for the internet. We are waiting for power to be hooked up to the phone equipment and then they said it will take a week or so to program everything.