Sunday, June 2, 2013

Son Day 2013

We had our traditional Sons Day celebrating yesterday! It was very laid back this year. John and I had pushed the two couches together for a date night movie and the boys wanted to have a slumber party in the little couch fort. It is shockingly cozy! They also may have ganged up on tickling Dad when he tried to take a quick nap :)

son day3
They requested chocolate chip waffles for breakfast which they wanted to eat outside on the grass. They also got to pick their favorite dinner - Grandmas Mac and Cheese!

son day4
What they wanted more than anything was to play an entire game of monopoly with all 5 of us. We did and it took most of the day. I really like monopoly but John...not so much. He was a trooper though! I do think the boys favorite part of the day was watching Mom and Dad do their chores!

son day5
Sometimes I get so busy that I don’t take the time to fully realize how lucky I am to have these three boys in my life! I love them so much and these little traditions give me a chance to stop and well, take the time to play an entire game of monopoly!
I hope that no matter what in my  blogging experience with Over the Big Moon is that I keep my focus on where it needs to be – being real and available with my boys. I am so very grateful for my boys and family today!

Nothing in this world can bring the happiness that family can!

Families can be together forever

In July the song we are teaching in Primary is Families Can Be Together Forever. This is the flip chart I made for it.