Friday, December 11, 2009

The Happiest Place

We took Caleb and Davis to Disneyland today and I cant really find the right word to describe it.

Magical...maybe. It is close.

There is just something about Disneyland at Christmas time. All of the ornaments, garlands, lights, music, the look in the kiddos eyes. I love it.

Because it was Caleb's birthday he got a free ticket but it was only to one of the parks. We had hopper passes though and so at one point John took the boys with my ticket over to California Adventures and I stayed in Disneyland by myself.

It was a wonderful experience to just walk around Main Street, sipping hot cocoa, all by myself. I didn't feel the pressure to be in a line or going on any rides I just got to soak up the Holiday cheer of Main Street.

I think its going to have to be a Christmas tradition to go to Disneyland. Its something I'm going to try to save up for each year.

I like the kind of Mom I am at Disneyland. I don't have anything to do but just play with my kids. No agenda, no rushes, no efficiency. I just get to be fun. It reminds me of who I want to capture in daily life. Its not possible to be like that all the time but its important to just play with my kiddos and to be silly. I love that Disneyland gives me that chance to bind us together and reintroduce me to the fun loving Lisa. She is still in there, but sometimes I lose sight of her in daily routines.

I think if I can capture even just a piece of the Mom who played today with the kids in everyday life that my kids will feel close to me, because I am close to them.

I bought myself another ornament today. I have 3 now. One for each year that I have been at Disneyland at Christmas since being a Mom. I love them. Not only because they are darling but for what they represent.

I'm already longing to go back!

Pictures and details to come soon!


Abbie said...

Lucky Disneyland...all by yourself? How would that be? I'm glad you guys are having so much fun. I hope it's somewhat sunny and warm, because it's freezing here, literally.

Lawther family said...

Sounds simply wonderful. I am glad you got to go and enjoy your time there. Hope you have a great holiday season. :)

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

We totally thought about you guys all day... and WISHED we could have made it there with you. Maybe next year! hehe :)

I'm so glad you guys had a great day and that it was all you had hoped it would be! Have a fun Christmas party with your family! We'll see you on Sunday when we pick up our tickets!

Karla DeCamp said...

Oh there is something very magical about Disneyland, and I'm so glad you all got to experience it during Christmas time! The lights are beautiful!
I got goosebumps when I read about you walking down Main St. sipping your hot chocolate. I love how you felt your "best" mommy self came out :) you may think that way, but your kids & John think of you as a wonderful mama every day.

jakenapril said...

me too! nothing a little disneyland can't fix. i think we have yet to do disneyland at christmas, but it looks like fun. and i lines, no rush, no errands, etc. that would be the life! :)