Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

We can hardly believe that another year has passed! Where is the time going? We are grateful that at the end of this year we can say that our family is healthy and happy. We love Hurricane and have really settled in making this home! This is officially the longest we have lived anywhere in our married years and hope to call it home for a very long time!

John continues working for Sunroc as an Estimator and Project Manager. Sadly with this economy he finds himself doing more estimating and less work in the field but we are grateful that he has a job! He has played fewer sports this year due to an ankle injury but hopes that will change this upcoming year. He coached soccer again this year and spent his Saturdays in the summer teaching swim lessons.

Lisa loves feeling that she’s back to full capacity and spending her days with the boys. She has started her career as a full time chauffer of children to their activities! She started doing Family and children’s photography and loves the new challenge. Between volunteering as the Treasurer for AYSO, volunteering with the PTA, helping in Caleb’s class, bus runs, and teaching Joy school she is BU-SY! She loves being a stay at home Mom and counts her blessings to be able to be home with the boys!

Caleb started Kindergarten this year and is excelling at school! He is learning to read and loves doing his “work.” He started Karate in the spring and loves it! That may have been why he started slide tacking when he played soccer again this fall. Caleb also joined the church choir with Mom which is really fun for both him and Mom! He is happy and kind and we are so proud of who he is!

Davis is so smart that we can hardly keep up with him. He remembers everything and loves math, numbers, and learning his letters and sounds. He loves to color and is obsessed with anything that has wheelsstill! Davis was excited to start gymnastics this year and loves to put his backpack on when it’s time for his joy school! He overwhelms us with the funny and cute things he says!

We can’t express the joy we felt when Beckham joined our family on January 13th and it hardly seems that just a year ago he was a tiny newborn. He is by far our busiest boy at this age and is everywhere and into everything! He crawls faster than Mom can find him and is just starting to work on taking steps! He loves to eat solids and is growing up way to fast! Most of all he loves to laugh at his brothers! He is so happy and content and our family would not be the same without him!

It has been a difficult year for so many. Through the economic challenges we are all facing we are glad for the lessons we are learning of simplicity and getting back to the basics. Homemade bread, evening bike rides, games with the family, and Friday night movies started out as ways to cut costs but we have found that they bring us so much joy just reveling in each other’s company. We are grateful to be reminded of just how much we truly have and how blessed we are to have each other. Together truly is our favorite place to be!

We are grateful for you all and how you have touched our lives in the past or in the present. May the Lord bless you all this year with peace and happiness!

All our love,

John, Lisa, Caleb, Davis, and Beckham Henderson


Grandma Caroline said...

Nice way to get your Christmas Card out.

Megan Bartlett said...

I got your Christmas card! I loved it...Super cute. Your little boys are ADORABLE! I wish we got to hang around with Davis and Beckham like we got to with Caleb!

Lisa said...

I still mailed out cards but if I eventually print my blog up it would be nice to have the christmas card built right in. Im all about 1 stop memory keeping!