Friday, December 18, 2009

Each year we go to my parents house with both of my brothers families and we do an early Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa give each of the kiddos Christmas jammies and we fill stockings for each other. Of course we pass on my parents tradition of torturing them at the top of the stairs before they can come down.

It was fun to have it rain. It was a bummer as far as looking at lights is concerned because my parents neighborhood goes crazy at Christmastime.

The rain didn't stop the boys from playing some wiffle ball!

This makes John look like he pitches super fast...not to say that he doesn't!

It also didn't keep the kiddos from swimming in the Hot tub. Actually, it didn't stop Ashlynn and Caleb from going in the cold big pool either!

That night the kids dressed up to act out the Nativity.
Davis would have nothing to do with it!

But check out my little Wise man.
This next picture is awesome because when my Mom read "Mary brought forth her firstborn son" Ashlynn just let go of the doll in her gown and Baby Jesus went crashing to the ground.

Most of all I'm glad my kids get the chance to be with their cousins.
They LOVE their cousins and I'm so glad that they are all so close.

The weekend ended with the news that the Bishop was being changed in my home ward.

Want to see the new Bishop...

Batter up Bishop Rober!

He is going to be an awesome Bishop! I'm proud of you Dad!

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for the great weekend.

Peace out!


Karla DeCamp said...

Okay, I have tears. I know that is nothing new to crying but seriously I have tears.
Seeing all of the cousins....your dad.....John (yes, he does have a fast pitch:) made me tear up.
I just cherish your family, and I am so glad you all get to spend time together.
What precious photographs! I will right click on a few of these for sure!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

what a cute post! i love those pictures of all the cousins together -- they are so lucky to be so close; they are going to have so much fun through the years. kam adores his cousins so much -- mark and i love watching him with them. that was a fun weekend, and nice finishing touch with the peace out!:)

Mark and/or Lisa said...

by the way, that is weird that your boys all got sick and were throwing up at the end of vacation because i got a stomach flu the day we got home too. i even threw up and i haven't done that since i was 14. i wonder what that was all about.

Grandma Caroline said...

Lisa, seriously, do a book with these blogs in it for 2009 and I will pay for it. You are such an excellent writer and organizer, what a talent! I seriously have had my dreams come true, my kids and grandkids all love each other and want to be together! I am blessed!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Looks like a blast! The kids nativity outfits are awesome!

Larry said...

Great pictures of our weekend. The nativity tradition is only going to get better as the kids age. I think Ashlynn will have the Mary part cornered for several years.

SoCal Rogers said...

I just check your blog and there is like 10 posts to read... which is so fun! You take amazing pictures and I love your commentary. Hope you had a wonderful chrsitmas!