Monday, August 30, 2010

One more little pound....

and then my BMI will be NORMAL - not "overweight."
At least I will be considered "normal" in one way :)

My goal changed because apparently I cant subtract.
I think my ultimate goal will be another 5 pounds after I reach this goal but
I'm just going to reach this goal and then decided. One victory at a time.

In other good news: Beckham broke his top eyeteeth - Hallelujah! Hopefully the whining and crying will start toning down. He also started hiding when he goes number 2...that means potty training could be right around the corner :)

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Grandma Caroline said...

Taat's great news! It always seems to pour when it rains instead of a gentle falling!

I'm so proud of you and you looked like a model when you came home!