Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whew... Where to start?

Life seems to be going 100 mph and even though I'm going 150 mph I'm falling behind! Caleb is in full swing of 1st grade and he is doing great. His days are long 8:20-4:15. I never even posted pictures of his first day of school. Here are a few....

The past few days have been heart warming for me. Caleb has always been so independent and cant wait to get out and be with his friends. He has started asking why school is so long and why cant he just stay home here with me. He has been asking me to drive him to school in the morning and he is so happy to come home in the afternoon. He is more affectionate and cant get enough of being close to me. It makes my heart melt that he loves to be here with us and that our home is a safe and loving place that he wants to be.

He has always tried to grow up so fast and I feel like I have been given a gift to have this time right now. I'm taking full advantage of it and doing everything I can to deepen that feeling. Yummy things like warm zucchini bread or cinnamon rolls on the baking rack when he walks in from school :) We sit and talk while he has a snack and then he does his homework and picks out a Brite Standing Tall Book to listen to. Then I copy a coloring page for him and he and Davis sit at the counter while I cook dinner. Here is one of his masterpieces.
I am so happy about how excited he is about these books. I loved them as a kid and as a parent I love them even more when I see him excited about the stories and coloring pages that teach good values.

We are heading North for the BYU vs Washington game this weekend! Football season is here!!! This trip will be especially great since we get to spend time with Johns siblings and their families. Then we have 4 days back at home before we take off for CA for 9 days. Today is my Moms apt with the neurologist and we should hear that everything else has pretty much been ruled out and they will also give her the results of her EMG that she took on Monday.

Life has been a roller coaster in so many ways the past month and I find myself stretching and growing. While things with my Mom have been hard the paradigm shift that accompanied it has clarified so many things I was vacillating on. Some personal changes I have made since then have been really uncomfortable but I also have found inner peace knowing that I am making the right choices - even if they are hard.

For now, I just look at this face and realize that all of my efforts are worth the work I am doing.

Oh and please allow me to share a quote that both John and I have been loving lately:

"You can be smart and happy or stupid and miserable. . . it's your choice"
- Gordon B. Hinckley

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Okay, that picture of Caleb with his cinnamon roll is so darling!