Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camping @ Panguitch Lake

We went for what will probably be our last camping trip this year. John wants to go on one more...and it would be fun but Beckham doesn't stay in camp, doesn't stay away from the fire, and doesn't stay in his bed at night! We will see...

We went our good friends the Steurer's and it was a blast. We got up there Friday at about 5:00 and set all up. We headed into town so that John could get a fishing license and Mom could be cool by buying $31 of junk food. I loooove being the cool mom!

Foil dinners and biscuits for dinner and then the boys went off fishing. They actually were able to catch some but Davis let one go while reeling it in and the second fish was let go when the hook went into someones finger. Ouch!

It was great to just sit and the fire and talk to the late hours of the morning with the Geoff and Jody. We love being with them. They uplift us and inspire us to be better people and every time we walk away from being with them we just feel happy. Plus Geoff has so much knowledge that we love to soak up and Jody just has great perspective. We really need to hang out with them more.

They boys had fun being boys out in the woods!

Beckham pretty much looked like this the whole time...

It was not a good trip for him or a good night for John and I. Poor guy threw up when we put him to bed and he is breaking his eye teeth and the last of his top molars. We finally all fell asleep only to wake up to the sound of rain on the canvas and thunder. There was some blue sky in the window so we laid around until about 8:00. The clouds coming in didn't look promising so we decided to break camp and head out to breakfast. The minute we started packing the storm really hit! It was constant thunder and pouring rain! We probably set a new record for breaking camp and were left drenched while the kids sat in the car eating lunchables. I was so wet, my pants would not stay up because they were so heavy!

Getting breakfast in Panguitch on a Saturday morning is apparently very difficult and we were finally served food at the Flying M at 10:30. We scarfed our food and all became civil again as our hunger needs were met. Riley and Andy had ordered the "biggest cinnamon roll you've ever seen" and it was huge. Caleb was so sad that he didn't get one and at the end of the meal they shared a little with him. We were too far away to see or think about the fact that it might have walnuts in it!

So Beckham sick, Beckham not sleeping, downpour, 2 hour wait for breakfast, Caleb having an allergic reaction. Sounds like a bad weekend. But it wasn't - we had a blast! We really had fun with the adventure of it all and just enjoying being together and laughing.

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Grandma Caroline said...

Those are the best times, the times where everything sounds like it can and does go wrong, but you still feel very good about the whole situation. Glad you had fun.