Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School Blues

Tomorrow Caleb starts his first day of 1st grade. I thought Kindergarten was hard....
We are prepared...I think
  • His homework station is all set up
  • His lunch box is packed except his sandwich
  • His backpack is by the door
  • His clothes are laid out
  • Lunch menus are printed and apt with Lunch lady in the morning to mark calendars for the days nuts are being served
  • Bus times ready
  • First Day of school cinnamon rolls in the fridge
  • Medication Administration Authorizations at Pediatrician
  • New allergy test paperwork ordered
  • Buying Benadryl for the the school
  • School Nurse now on speed dial
  • Been getting up at 6:30 everyday to read scriptures with Dad and to pray as a family this week
  • FHE lesson last night was on remembering that even when things are hard and they are not at home, they can still remember how much we love them. Taught them to remember to pray if they need help and Heavenly Father will be there with them. Caleb was so excited to know that Holy Ghost will go to school with him each day
  • John will give him a Fathers blessing tonight
I don't know what else to do but I still don't feel ready. Lunchtime complicates things with children with food allergy's - especially when they still serve PB & J as part of the school lunch. I think its so hard when you only have 1 going to school. I don't think it will be as bad with Davis, because I will know that he will have Caleb to watch out for him.

You have struggled to be independent for years now. I know you will be fine - in fact I know you will be great. You looked at Dad and I like we were crazy when we talked about if there are times when you don't feel you have friend. You have such a great personality and will charm everyone. Please remember to only eat your lunch. Please remember to listen when you are told. Most of all pleeeease remember that your mom loves you so much that it hurts to let you go.
I love you buddy,

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