Friday, June 4, 2010

Yard progress

Thanks to Johns amazing Internet skills he found the owner of a lot here in our neighborhood with all sorts of extra river rock on it. He offered to buy it but the guy told us it was ours! So we shoveled all last Saturday and have started laying it in our garden bed.

It doesn't look great yet because we still have a lot of plants we need to get in but the rock is the expensive part and this rock is only costing us a lot of sweat and blisters :) I'm especially glad to be getting it in because it will protect the stucco from turning red from the dirt around the house.

I'm also so happy that my Marguerite Daisy's are coming up! They are little this year but each year they will come back bigger and bigger and I'm so excited!!!

They are my favorite flowers ever!

Our garden is doing great! We have lost a few things due to the wind but most everything has survived and now that the heat is here things are growing like crazy. Today the boys and I harvested and ate our first strawberry and it was delicious! We have a lot more started too!

Our first cherry tomatoes are turning red :)

These are the first big tomatoes we have started...

I cant wait to harvest them and have fresh tomatoes with basil!



Grandma Caroline said...

Your garden looks great! Our garden is doing well too. I'm so happy we put one in this year. Today I even planted some colorful petunias in our front flower planter. Getting dirty is kind of fun in a sick sort of way.

Abbie said...

Your yard and garden look GREAT!!! I'm almost embarrased to say...I just planted my garden today. I did have peas already though. In fact, they're done and we pulled them out today. We'll see if any of my stuff lives. :)