Tuesday, June 8, 2010

18 months old

Hard to believe that he is growing up so fast.
He is busy, busy, busy!

Some things that I love about Beck's right now.
  • He sleeps with his head covered. He pulls his blanket up over him and leaves it there all night. It really use to freak me out.
  • He loves dogs and will say doggie over and over and over.
  • He is really good about taking naps. He has to take his nap in our closet in the pack n' play otherwise the boys wake him up. But when he sees me get his blanket and his frog he walks in and tries to climb in the crib by himself.
  • He is obsessed with talking on the phone and always is looking for them and hides when he finds them and pushes the buttons as fast as he can.
  • He can say, Mom Dad, Doggie, Thank you, uh-oh, yucky, and bye bye all in context. He will repeat a lot of other words but not use them in context.
  • He loves to be on the table - still. Grrrr
  • He despises being restrained. In the car he will always get his arms out of the 5 point harness. He is the first of our boys to get really upset in the car. He use to love it but now he cant stand the straps and so he screams a lot of the time we are in the car.
  • He will not eat dry cereal off of a tray but will eat it out of a bowl with a spoon.
  • He has become quite the picky eater and its not an uncommon occurrence to have Mom get hit with a handful of food during dinner. Yes, he throws food like crazy and its driving me crazy!
  • He has some amazingly tough feet and will run over the dirt and rocks without even a second thought.
  • When I go to put him in the car and the garage door opens the race is on. He laughs hysterically as he runs as fast as he can down the street before I catch him.
  • He loves to color
  • He loves cars, trains, trucks and makes the sound "vroom" while driving them all over.
  • If I'm at the computer he wants to push me around in circles in my chair. He gets so irritated if I wont let him and throws quite the fit.
  • He has already perfected temper tantrums
  • And the given...he loves water!

He is so mischievous and yet I cant get mad at him for it!


Abbie said...

Beckham is so handsome! Woo Hoo, is officially in nursery!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

That picture of John throwing him is too freaking cute! Love that little guy!

Grandma Caroline said...

I know you will grow from having Beckham. What a doll, and grandma misses him.