Friday, June 18, 2010


Today we had the perfect morning. 3 mile bike ride with the kids, playing in the pool while I watered the garden and tanned my really white legs, eating strawberries right out of the garden.

I love summer mornings.

Yesterday was great.
Davis was so happy all day long. He got his favorite breakfast.
Oatmeal, bacon, and juice
Daddy came home for a little break and we opened presents.
Grandma and Grandpa got him a little plastic pool and they were all in heaven for a couple hours as they splashed and played.
They love it!
Its 3 boys constantly giggling, splashing, and overall just being giddy.
I spent most of my day doing his cake. I'm not a cake decorator - I don't enjoy it and I'm not good at it but I do try each birthday to make something special for them. Davis wanted a Hot Wheels cake....again. I'm running out of ideas. But I came up with this one and I worked so hard at it. Davis had so much fun watching and helping. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. It might qualify for the cake wrecks blog, but for me this is a masterpiece.

We had some good friends over for dinner and when I asked Davis who he wanted to come to his party he said: Sister Weise (she the primary president), my teacher (his primary teacher), and brother Greeley (hes in our bishopric), Pam, Scott, and Nathan, and the girls (my friend Savannah's twins). I though that was pretty cute and I'm glad he loves primary so much and feels loved by those in primary.

He was darling when we all sang to him - positively beaming!

Now Becks is down for a nap. Caleb and Davis are playing hot wheels and I'm off to pack us up because we are taking off in the trailer tonight.


Megan said...

that is a very cute cake. You did a good job!!!

Grandma Caroline said...

I love the cake! That was a good idea and to think you came up with it on your own! after all, you are my daughter, even though I send you Daughter - in - law mother's day cards. That is dad's fault this time.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Thanks for having us over! It was great food and great fun!

Sara said...

Cute kid and cute birthday!!! I can't believe he's 4.