Friday, June 4, 2010

T-ball Season Closer

Yesterday was Caleb's last day of T-ball. He did really good this year. They started pitching to the boys half way though the season and Caleb was doing great.

Then it happened - he missed all 5 balls.
They set the tee up and he hit the tee 3 times.

My heart was aching for him and I was so glad I had my sunglasses on so that no one could see me crying.

Why was I crying?

Because Caleb is me. I knew that the more he went without hitting the worse it was going to get. Sure enough the next time he went to bat he hardly even tried and missed all 5 balls again...and then hit the tee a couple of times too.

I'm so glad that he stayed positive that he still wanted to play and he kept trying. That is where we are different. As a kid - I would have given up.

And then his very last chance to bat for the season and he smacked it!

Mom is so proud of you bud for your good attitude and for sticking with it.

We will practice at home this summer and next season you will be ready and confident!

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Grandma Caroline said...

Way to go Caleb, Grma is so proud of you! I never could hit that darn ball.