Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I will miss...

12 - 18 months has never been my favorite age for kids.
For reasons that look a lot like this:

Beckham is becoming so much more independent and is starting to transition out of that crazy age. As I sat holding him today with him sleeping, his little eyes fluttering and his perfect little lips and rhythmic breathing I thought of all the good things I will miss about having a little toddler around the house:
  • Chubby thighs
  • Little toes and wide feet
  • Dimples for knuckles
  • The way they sleep with their bums in the air
  • The way they run as fast as they can and their little legs pumping
  • The easy way they are distracted and laugh at almost anything you do
  • Having them sleep on my lap in the Mothers Lounge at church
  • The way their Buddha bellies hang over their diaper
  • The little sippy cup dance they do when they are so excited for a sippy cup
  • The way they laugh so hard they fall over
  • The way their cheeks get so round and squishy when they fall asleep and slump over in their carseats
  • Bare little bums that are so dimply and yummy
  • The way they hide in my shoulder when they get shy or are tired
  • The way they wave to people and say bye bye
I can remember each of our little boys at this age.

And I will miss it.


Grandma Caroline said...

Oh how I still miss those days!

The Hamlin Family said...

Reading this post makes me feel soooo sad. Why do they have to grow up??? I think I would rather deal with the terrible twos then a terrible teenager!!!

PS...Your little chubby, "dimply" boy is seriously so adorable!!!