Monday, June 14, 2010


Ive know for a while that something is just "not quite right" with me. I cant describe it but its been a very difficult past few months for me. Today I went to a new Dr (my old one was for High risk pregnancy's only). I loved her. She listened, she assured me that everything will be okay, and she had a few ideas of what is going on with my body. One of them I was surprised has never been explored before because some of the symptoms are pretty right on in mild form. Tomorrow I get a whole lot of blood work done (ummm...they took 7 viles!) to see if they can determine what to do with my crazy hormones.

She will also be working with me on my weight since it should not be this hard to lose weight. With all the work Ive done in the past year I should be about Caleb's weight...
and I am obviously not :)

Its no fun to feel like your body has been taken over by your evil twin.

Today I feel hope.
Hope that the happy bubbly Lisa can make a permanent comeback.


Megan said...

I hope that they can figure out the hormone situation also.

amandamenghini said...

good for you! i had a friend in college who struggled with weight and moods after having her baby. Her doctor just kept telling her that was normal and loosing baby weight was hard, but she just knew something wasn't right. Anyway, she got a new doctor and it turns out her pregnancy had actually damaged her thyroid. They got it all straightened out and she was back to her old self- almost a year after complaining to her doctor. Good for you going and trying until you get some results because women ALWAYS know their bodies best. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Sarie said...

Lisa! I love you. I am glad to hear that you are getting yourself looked at (sorry that's a funny way to put it). I am interested to hear how it all turns out. In the meantime, hang in there and keep me posted. xoxo

Grandma Caroline said...

I hope only good things for my little girl, I'm on your side and I will pray for the Dr. to find out and fix your problems. It's no fun to be 'out of sorts'.