Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

That's right I'm the big 3-2.
It all good. I'm loving my thirties.

What do I want to share on this special day with you???

My funeral wishes.

Yep, you heard me right. I know you are all thinking I'm taking this getting old thing too seriously but actually I have watched a few families deal with funerals and its been sad to watch that in a time like that they fight or they are all trying to decide what the deceased would want. Its kind of broken my heart to watch and would never want my family to deal with anything like that. I shared my wishes with John and he was a little irritated with some of them. Mostly #1. He thinks I'm being a little selfish since funerals are for the ones left behind. That is exactly why I want everyone to know what I want so the ones living don't feel guilty about carrying out my wishes since some of them are less than traditional.

These are my wishes:
  1. NO VIEWING! I'm not a fan of viewings - no offense to anyone - I just don't want to be viewed. Something about everyone seeing me in a coffin for the last time weirds me out. As does someone putting make up on me to look good when I'm dead. No make up! Seriously. After much discussion with my hubby I have agreed that immediate family may view me.
  2. No sad dreary songs. Seriously sing something upbeat and cheerful - I was thinking along the lines of Now let us Rejoice but people might take that in the wrong context :) I like Amazing Grace. But nothing that is sloooow and boring.
  3. I want a cheap coffin. Like the cheapest you can find. I once heard someone tell a joke about how someone went into the funeral home and asked for the cheapest coffin they had. Then they said they wanted the box that it came in :) That's how I feel. If you want - nail some plywood together! Do not waste money on some fancy coffin. A cheap pine one will do. Wrap me in my favorite quilt and I'm all good.
  4. I want some pictures of my family buried with me. I also would love if there were some sweet peas to place in there with me. I was able to find some white sweet peas when my Grandma Irene died and we placed some with her and that's sentimental to me.
  5. All that money that you saved from buying me an expensive coffin I want used for my family to go to Disneyland and have a good time and remember the good times we had together. I'm not joking here - I want everyone to go to Disneyland together after my funeral.
  6. I want to be buried here in So Utah. I leave it up to John to decide on the St George, Washington, or Hurricane cemetery. Preferably near a tree and not to close to the road. For some reason John thinks this is funny that I don't want to be right next to the road. Seriously its rest in peace!
  7. John and I want to be laid next to each other with 1 headstone that has our names and the dates and then we want inscribed on it: Together is our favorite place to be.
There I can rest better knowing that my wishes are know.
Watch out - I will come haunt people if they disobey -
I'm specifically talking to you JOHN!


Wheeler Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! That's a funny post....and i totally understand the being buried next to a road one. I always see those ones and they always look so cramped and uncomfortable.

SLO Rober said...

I’ll forgo any funeral comments and wish you a happy birthday instead! May your boys treat you right today!
Brian & Family

Sarie said...

Okay this whole thing is just hilarious to me. That you're even TALKING about this is hilarious... a small part of it is interesting though. I've never thought about any of this! It seems so far away... but maybe it's not so far away.. dun dun duuunnn...


Abbie said...

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We missed singing to you in primary, I'm sure you didn't :) We got Davis though.
Second, it almost made me cry, you talking about what you want when you die. Not that its bad, but seriously, you never know when something might happen. I've always though we should get prepared and then just never follow through. Way to go!

Mae said...

Lisa, I totally agree with you! I think it's important to know people's wishes because the greiving people are often so overwhelmed they don't know what to do and think the expensive way is the way to honor them the best.

I posted my wishes on my blog a while back. I'm like you. No expensive coffins! I'd rather be wrapped respectfully in burlap and buried in the yummy, rich earth.I like your idea of sweat peas being planted on top of you!

I also think it's important to discuss these things early in our lives so they become normal. This is very important to talk about! Way to go!

Oh, and happy birthday!

Raelyn said...

Happy birthday friend!
I hope things are going well and that you had a wonderful birthday!

Megan said...

Happy birthday Lisa!!! You have some of the same wishes I do. Steve and I already have our grave plots. I hope you had a great birthday!!!!

The Henderson Family said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! I hope it was a great one!

Karla DeCamp said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! You share the same birthday as my dad:)

Marci Butterfield said...

Happy birthday Yesterday! Hope it was a good one.

Grandma Caroline said...

I'm happy my little girl can think of dying with no fear. I must have done a good job of raising you. Happy Birthday, baby!