Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The best summer toy EVER!

We have been loving the little pool that Grandma and Grandpa Rober got for Davis. Today though everyone was showered and dressed and I didn't want to have them all get wet but I really needed to organize my office. Caleb and Davis wanted to ride bikes so I got the pool out and put some cars in it for Beckham to play with and he was loving it! The slide is the perfect little race ramp. I went inside to get the camera and came out to find this:

Apparently he was not the only one that found it very entertaining! And apparently my older boys think you cant pay in the pool with shirts on. They spent about 30 minutes driving the cars down the slide. When the older boys got bored Beckham went down the slide for a good 15 minutes, clapping for himself each time.

Thank you Walmart for being out of the pools without slides!
I owe you.

I also was able to capture a few pictures of Caleb's new favorite thing to do outside:

He has been riding Daddy's long boards everyday now for a couple of weeks. I'm pretty amazed at how comfortable he is on it. We made Davis a long board for his birthday but decided to hold it so we could make one for Caleb too. We just have to get a few more parts and then we will be done.

My office is clean, this blog post got done all thanks to that little pool!


Annie said...

We just went to swim at our neighbors house and they had one of those pools! I want to get one! They are so nice!

Grandma Caroline said...

I am so happy that we were the givers of such a useful little pool! I think I want one now!