Friday, June 11, 2010

Im all a flutter

Ive got a date tonight!

With this good lookin' guy.

I don't know where we are going but I do know it includes dinner and going to the Bath and Body works Half yearly sale, and then something else that John is very excited about.

Ive been planning my outfit all day. I love when dates don't require any work on my part. He got the babysitter - he planned it. By the time I found out about it everything was done.

Off to clean my house so the babysitter doesn't wonder if I ever clean.
Then I will be off to get all cute...

Updated: My man knows me - he took me to see the new A-team movie and to dinner. He had lied to me about when it came out so I was totally surprised because I didn't think it came out until next week :)


Abbie said...

How fun! How nice is it that you didn't have to plan a thing!

Annie said...

How fun and sweet! That's a great picture for the post! :)

Grandma Caroline said...

Way to keep the love alive John! Good job. Keep my baby girl happy.