Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is our 2011 Family Theme - Peaceful. Its going to be a good year to find peace in our circumstances and also within ourselves.

John and I sometimes find the challenges we face and the way we interact can be complicated by the cloud of self doubt. This year we both want to find more peace within ourselves and the subsequent strength and power that come without self doubt.
On the menu:

Flank steak, steamed carrots, baked potatoes,
and sparking grape juice.
We did lots of toasting to bring in the New Year for our family.

I was expected dinner to be a nightmare as I envisioned us talking about being peaceful while our boys acted anything but peaceful! Surprisingly we had a wonderfully enjoyable dinner and it was probably the most peaceful meal we've had in a long time. Maybe John and I were prompted to seek peace this year not only for ourselves but for our boys as well. We did have a few tears but they quickly turned to smiles...

the cutest smiles ever!

There is no doubt this year will be difficult, but we will seek peace and I think we will find it despite whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

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