Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing dress up

Thursday morning while the kiddos were off to school and my Mama was still sleeping I actually had time to get ready. I hadn't unpacked since returning and so I set myself to getting organized. We have the Master Bedroom all set up as a playroom for the kids and I decided to set my toiletries up in the Master bathroom so I could get ready while the kids played. My parents bathroom has one counter that is lowered and my Mom has always had her vanity mirror and makeup all set up in that space. I loved sitting there as a little girl playing with her mirror and pretending with her makeup.

Ironically I grew out of that in my tween and teenage years and didn't have any desire to wear makeup. When I was around 16 my Mom insisted that I start wearing some makeup. The advantage of being the only girl was that I was spoiled when it came to girly things. She took me to Nordstroms and then to Clinique where I got the full treatment!

That is how it went every few years, my Mom would take me to Nordstroms where I would get my makeup done, she would spoil me, and then we would go get an Auntie Ann's Pretzel - because what is trip to the mall without a pretzel and lemonade! This didn't end when I moved out, got married, or even had children. Just this last September my Mom wanted me to try a new foundation that she thought I would like so off to the Mall we went.

As I sat there that morning trying to decided where to put my make up I started looking through all of my Moms makeup. I felt like a little girl all over again as I looked through her make up with wonder and delight. I started putting some of hers on and then blending her make up with my own make up. There was a reverent moment as I realized that soon my Mom would once again be providing me with makeup, only this time it will be her own wonderful collection that she will be giving me.

I think one of the biggest losses I feel about losing my Mom is that I will no longer be doing those girly things with her. Pedicures, manicures, makeup, shopping, spa days, and all of those dainty and girly things that seems so frivolous on the surface but are full of significance because of the time we spent doing something enjoyable together.

Too bad Johns was not there - my makeup has never looked so good!


Sarie said...

I'm coming to visit you in the spring and I'll take you to get a pedi--- Looking forward to it.

The Queen said...

I have memories of playing in my mom's make-up when I was little as well. My heart is heavy for you all tonight, but there is peace there as well. Love you guys.