Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We came home Thursday night. We were expecting to go to Provo with John but they had plane chartered so he was able to fly up. He might have been the first airplane out of the new St George airport. There was a big plane all lit up for the press but they left before that one. Pretty cool!

It was nice and weird all at the same time to come home. Ive been living in the home I grew up in and its felt more like home than our house here does to me. But I love how happy and secure my kids feel here. They ran around and were giddy as they found their familiar toys. Maybe for them this house brings them the security that my home in CA brings for me.

Caleb stayed home to hang out with us today and I was so glad. His behavior has been ummmm - difficult. But he had a great day today playing with his legos and helping me out. We went to Walmart to get donuts for breakfast and for a few groceries. I didn't realise how quickly I acclimated back to CA. I hate my parents Walmart! The parking lot especially, but the last few weeks there it didn't bug me so much. Today when I pulled into our Hurricane Walmart it felt so odd with about 500 parking spaces free. I thought it might be closed! I pulled up into the same spot I do every time - the second spot on the second row and smiled as I thought about how much I love our small town.

I did have a horrible Mom moment today and hopefully its just a hint as to how out of it I am. Around 12:30 as I was changing Beckham I realized it was his birthday. Poor kid! We celebrated on the 8th in CA with the most amazing Mickey and Minnie Mouse party EVER! Pics to come soon but they are in CA on my computer there. I just kind of forgot it was still coming. We took him out to Yogurt Unique and he forgave us. We went to Yogurt Town while in CA and the boys loved it. It is one of those frozen yogurt bars where you can mix all you want and then you pay by weight. We were so happy to find we have one here in St George. Check it out!

While it is good to be home, I have to much time to think here. Its hard not to get caught up in my fears when I am not serving and staying busy.

All I want to do right now is catch up on some sleep!

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