Monday, January 10, 2011


I hung out with my Mom tonight. The kids were off with a saint from the Ward while my Dad was able to nap. My Mom and I sat listening to music, talking and typing back and forth a little, mostly just sitting and enjoying each others company. I read her the letters that have been sent to me through e-mail.

We cried a little and laughed a lot.

Later as I was getting her ready for bed I helped her out of her chair and as we stood up she put her head on my shoulder and grabbed me near my hip with her right arm as hard as she could - I hardly felt it. I quickly pulled back to steady her but she leaned forward and put her head on my shoulder again.

She was hugging me.

I gathered her into me and held her there. I moved her limp left arm up onto my hip and held it with part of my arm so I could be embraced my Mom. She felt so small and so weak in my arms. Everyday I touch my Mom a lot - I adjust her body positions, move the hair from her face, massage her, get her dressed, help her out of chairs, support her walking, take her to the bathroom, brush her teeth....literally we touch all day long. I am shocked by the realization that I have forgotten to hug my Mom each and every day since I have been here. How did I let the business of care make me forget to show how much I care?

Mom, thank you for reminding me how much I need your hugs.
I still feel wrapped in the warmth of your embrace.
Nothing in this world can compare.


Sara said...

I want to hug my mom now.

Sarie said...

oh... my.. goodness... this post was so beautiful...... so beautiful.