Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years Goals 2011

Each year I pick 5 goals for the new year. As I thought about my goals for this year I couldn't come up with anything that seems significant enough to put down as an actual goal. This year is about remaining whole - being there for people, making sure everyone around me is whole and well. From my Mom at the present to putting our little family back into a normal routine and making sure that everyone comes out of this trial okay. Including myself. Especially myself.

This year I want to maintain. Maintain my weight, the last 10-15 pounds can wait for next year. Maintain my relationships with my family. And most importantly I want to maintain the perspective these last 6 months has opened for me. I can not explain how clarifying this year has been. I want to find a way to maintain that clarity.

My house is not in order. When I get back from CA I want to find a way to organize more and have things operate more smoothly. I want to feel that our home has a serene feeling. Right now it feels chaotic. I feel our routines are chaotic. I feel we are always trying to catch up and get it together.

I hope next year when I read back over this post I will feel like we have found stability and peace in our home. Most of all I hope to have found it in myself.

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