Sunday, January 23, 2011

Its the Mickey Mouse Birthday - Come inside its fun inside!

Remember how I mentioned that Beckham had the best birthday party ever! Finally the pictures of the party are here!
Prepare yourself for C-U-T-E!.

I cant believe he is 2....

The Birthday Minnie & Mickey!
....and the best of friends!

Here is the girl responsible for the Party - my cousin Kelly. How cute are those shirts! Don't worry the Daddies had them too!

I love my cousin Kelly, it has been so fun to be here in CA and be close enough to spend so much time together! Especially since Beckham and Savannah were born the exact same day!

First off check out these decorations...
The kids table was so cute!

And the food....

Which was ta-sty!
See what I mean! Ta-sty!

The proud parents....

A very happy Beckham with his Grandma Silly and Daddy!

I love my little Mickey!

We decided to put some games together the night before and John threw together a frame for a Mickey pinata. It was so impressive! The next day Davis and I started putting tissue paper on it. It took us hours but what made me so proud was that Davis spent all of that time helping me. He did such a good job and his persistence and ability to stick with the task was amazing. He helped so much and we would not have finished in time without him!

The proud Mommies...

...and the Daddies
Did you know they knew each other in High School? Its true Kelly and Brian met at our wedding where Kelly was a Bridesmaid and Brian was a Groomsman. I bet they never expected this picture would be taken when they were in High School.

I love this picture of my Mom and my Aunt.
They always have such a good time together.

People were so gracious and even got Beckham a present even though they had never met him. He was so spoiled.

Grandma Silly and Mickey!

This balloon might have been the highlight of the party for Beckham!
Poor Savvy was terrified of it, which I don't blame her it was twice their size!
Beckham had a blast throwing it up in the air over and over again.

Thank you Auntie Kelly for all your hard work!We love you!


Our Family Est. 2005 said...

Oh my! Sooooo Cute! I love how you even decorated the window treatments! Happy Birthday Becham!

Mae said...

Cuties! I think it's funny how Savannah seems hesitant about the whole whacking the pinata and yet Beckham knew exactly what to do with it! Just a fun observation on the differences between boys and girls. They each have their strengths!

Sara said...

Cutest birthday party ever!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Oh my beyond adorable party! I feel like I missed out on some crazy fun! hehe :) Everything turned out adorable!

SoCal Rogers said...

Best 2 year old party ever! I am so glad we were able to do a combo party. It was such a great event. I am so glad you took photos I only had 2 on my phone. I would have been so dissapointed to not have it all documented!