Saturday, April 3, 2010

Warning: Parents may want to proof read this!

There you are all warned just in case your kids have been able to make it longer than Caleb.

Today was a big day...

Caleb no longer believes in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. Its been one of the most shell shocking moments of motherhood for me. boy is THAT big.
John was devastated. 6 are they really finding out that early?

I could just hear it in the way he asked. There was so much skepticism, so much doubt. I'm pretty sure he was told at school and was seeking answers. I was so tempted to skirt it and help him believe like I did at Christmas but I just couldn't. I want him to trust us. He asked me if I was lying.
I couldn't not tell him.
He hasn't even lost a tooth yet and I know he wont believe in the tooth fairy.
That seems so unfair.

Plus he doesn't really know how to keep a secret. I think it will be a miracle if we make it through Easter without him blowing it for Davis. I'm so sad. Its like there is a part of his childhood that died. Dramatic, maybe but I feel so robbed of a couple years of magic.

Oh sweet boy, don't be so rushed to grow up.
I don't really remember when I stopped believing in the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause. John thinks he was 8 or 9 before he found out. I really don't remember but I know I believed in the tooth fairy.

How old were you?


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

I think it's part a personality thing too. Some WANT to believe more then others. Beckie was a MAJOR believer.. me on the other hand never really bought it. I'm pretty sure I stopped believing before Beckie. Hopefully Davis will hold on to it longer.


Abbie said...

Really? 6 year olds should still believe. Mine does. Even if the Easter bunny didn't leave anything until she was in the bath tub this morning. :) But...while she was in the tub, she asked if she could write a letter to the Easter Bunny to see if he could bring her somthing for her birthday that is coming up in a couple of weeks. My 10 year old on the other hand...knows (not that we've told him) darn school!

Grandma Caroline said...

I so feel your pain! There is something awful in the realization that time marches on whether we are ready or not.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

What a bummer about the Easter Bunny thing.

Looks like everyone had a fun time it's cool that you got to hang out with the Hickens.

And nice work on the video. Very well done but most importantly, Michael Scott is in your ward!!!

The Fin's said...

Thats so Sad, i'm not sure if Kamree still believs or not, but I think so. She left carrots out last night and always seems excited! I'm sorry that stinks, But I'm going to tell Kamree when you stop believing he stops coming, I still believe it's amazing how we get some of it pulled off!

Raelyn said...

Kevin and I were just talking last night, about how magic a childs mind is that they can wrap their minds around such make believe...and truly believe it 100% That magic in their eyes is irreplaceable, and it is such a bummer! Hopefully, he can keep it a secret...I think Christmas is a MUCH bigger season, and really important that he knows to not say anything. I agree with Pam too...I think some kids kind of NEED to believe...Karman believed FOREVER...I think she was about 11 when she finally said something about not believing...she probably kind of knew...just didn't want US to know she knew. Tyler, being Calebs same age, hasn't even asked or questioned...
Hope Easter was still good though!
Love you!

Megan said...

I am sorry... sometimes I think it would be easier to tell Tessa and then on the other hand, NOT!!! Good luck with Davis!!!