Saturday, April 3, 2010


Oh boy were our kiddos in heaven!

We did so many fun things but I didn't even break the camera out except when we went 4 wheeling with this guy...

We sure do love the Hickens!
They took us all out and it was a blast. Caleb even got to ride on dirt bikes and ride up hills that made Moms heart leap out!

I was a happy girl just riding behind my man.
I love me a good excuse to just hold him tight!

I think Caleb had the best seat when we all went riding. He got to ride with Jay on his dirt bike and they were all over the place!

We also went hiking with the Hickens and had a campfire, went to the pool, Taste of Brazil, Pirate Island Pizza, and tons of just being together.

We love having our cousins come!

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Larry said...

Great pictures. Wish I could have been there. I know it was fun! I've been on Hicken trips, to the pool and with those cute kids.