Friday, April 30, 2010

our little plot of land

The boys and I spent 2 1/2 hours outside this morning. Digging, weeding, planting. There is something about taking nothing and creating something. We are still in the beginning stages of our landscaping but we have a vision and when its all done it will be amazing and exactly what we wanted - down to the last plant. It might take us 15 years too :)

My hired help...
Our garden beds...just waiting for the heat.
I want to have a nice perennial garden that comes back year after year, just like my Grandma Irene's garden at the lake. Right now its pretty barren looking but I planted a bunch of seeds for now. They are sprouting slowly.

We had to replace a couple trees.
Fruit!!! It was devastating to pluck off about 30 peaches and pears but we really want the trees to spend their energy on rooting this year so they are healthier in the future. We did leave about 5 on each tree.

Blast the wind! We have had an unusually cold spring. Normally I'm not begging for the heat but we need it! You cant tell in the picture but the wind was going about 50 miles and hour.

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Marci Butterfield said...

Looks awesome. Jealous that you have all that space. I'm so ready to be out of an apartment and have our own land.

Sara said...

Love the gardens and fruit trees!! We'll probably skip that this year, but I'm hoping for a great garden next year!!!

Mae said...

I am so please for you! (And a lot bit jealous!) Your garden looks great and I think I could eat your little helpers up!

Your bit-by-bit landscaping technique is inspiring to me. I usually want my garden ready NOW but I obviously don't have the money. I will take you as an example and PACE myself.

Megan said...

Beckam looks like the best helper... I hopr that next year we can put in a garden.. Good luck with it!!!

The Fin's said...

I love it! Your Garden is Great!