Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leaving it all behind

That right!
Its been a crazy month or so.
I feel like Ive been telling my kiddos, "in a little bit" for weeks now.

So goodbye to my scheduled life, my responsibilities, my life here in UT.
The kids and I are on our way to CA for a week.

Perhaps a baseball game
Cooking classes

Laying on the grass

For a week I'm going to be nothing but a good Mom.
When my kids say Can we.... or Will you....I'm going to do nothing but say YES!
For a whole week!


Abbie said...

Hooray for you. I know exactly what you mean. HAVE FUN!!!

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Mom, can I get a monkey?

Karla DeCamp said...

that is awesome.....I was just going to post a "can I have something crazy?" comment....but your brother beat me to it!!! too funny

Megan said...

We will miss you here, but I am glad you are able to get away...

Grandma Caroline said...

Come on down, daughter!