Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday was Caleb's first T-ball game. I really think this might be Caleb's sport. He loves it and he can really thrown! I realized that T-ball is much more involved than soccer and there is a lot to learn. He has the best coach! Hes patient and encouraging. Check out this swing...

Out in the field

He does not seem to get that you have to have the ball to get someone out. For example his coach told him to cover first base if the first basemen had to go get the ball. So each time the first basemen left the base (and even sometimes when he hadn't left the base) Caleb would run and dive to base and hit it with his mit!

He is so funny about the cheer. He rounds everyone up and says,
"Come on guys, hands in, hands in, lets go."
He is going to be a great coach someday!

Grass stains in the spring actually make me very happy!


Grandma Caroline said...

How wonderful he is so enthustiac about it. His Great Grandma Gloria love Baseball better than any sport. She would always watch Baseball on TV. She remembers sitting on Babe Ruth's lap once in St. Louis!

Sara said...

That looks so fun! I can't wait to sign Mason up this summer. I'm hoping it goes better than soccer did last year... ie no tears.