Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out with my Man

Nothing makes me feel young like going out without kids.

I love remembering the fun girl that it seems I only "use" to be.
I hope as our kids grow and are not as needy she will be here more often.

Its one of those paradoxes in life that when we need to go out the most,
its the hardest with both time and especially money.

All I know was that we really needed tonight to be out together and I'm so glad we made the chance.
I sure do love this guy.
Not only is he a great guy...I sure think hes a babe!

Hes the most handsome when hes laughing with me.
He has the best laugh. I love the way he looks at me when I'm carefree.

I'm working on being that girl more often.


Grandma Caroline said...

Wow, you both look like babes in that last photo. You are so right about keeping yourselves young!

Lawther family said...

Its so great to be able to get away for a night out. I miss the care free girl too. I second your thoughts. :) Heres to hoping for more nights out and feeling young!

Wheeler Bunch said...

We had a great time! Let's do it more often...and i totally agree that John has the best laugh. It is so contagious. Danny said just his laugh makes him laugh. Well, it's toss up for best laugh between him and Caleb, his is pretty awesome too.
You should come play raquet ball with us.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Glad you guys had a blast!

jakenapril said...

oh, that is a treat for sure! isn't it interesting how we turn back into those lovey-dovey fun people when are kids aren't around? i know how you 'used to be' and i love her.