Monday, April 26, 2010

Biggest Boy on the Block

(Davis right before trying to go see - How to tame a Dragon - We were attempting to help him with his sensitivity to noise. My Dad said they never even saw the screen before Davis was out of there!)

It seems that Davis has really turned into a little boy in the past month or so. Toddler Davis is gone and in his place is this amazing, rough, playful, boy.

I am eating this stage up right now.

The fact that he brings me flowers all of the time sure helps too. Seriously any flower that is spotted must be picked for Mom, and anyone else around. He especially likes it when I tuck them behind my ears!

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Raelyn said...

That is just exactly how I have felt about Makylie. Makes sense, since they are the same age. All of the sudden it seems, like she is getting so big when I pick her up...and she just doesn't need me in the same way. It is so hard, but good at the same time. He is so dang CUTE!