Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help is on the way!

My Mom today might also be writing a post about Motherhood. As in:
When will her kids ever grow up!

I called her in for reinforcements. I need her. I need help before I really fall apart from so much to do, so much to absorb, so much to understand, and SO much to learn. And then just the regular things like chores.

I have to admit that part of me is embarrassed to even write all these thoughts down and then the other part of me wants to remember how hard these past few weeks have been.

Being a Mom is so hard sometimes and although we all love the cute posts about the cute perfect moments with our kids they are not all motherhood is. I think we do the role of Motherhood a disservice when we pretend otherwise. I also think we would do it a disservice if we always complain about it too.

Knowledge is empowering and I have been gathering it the last few hours.
Here is what Ive learned:

Caleb's teacher has noticed a change in him in school the last week. I called the Pediatrician to talk about the drugs he was put on.

Called the dietitian and asked her about how much protein is about the right amount. For Davis to be able to grow normal he needs 15 gm of protein a day. That is equal to 2 cups of milk a day. She said she thinks about 30 would be a good number to aim for. That is why they want the major proteins cut out. He will hit 30 everyday even on diet of no major proteins.

That is also good news. It means that because Beckham has to have a lot of milk right now because he is growing so much it might account for his higher numbers. He drinks a lot more milk. That's good because as he gets older and needs milk less he will hopefully be able to get off of the formula if he ends up on it now.

Whats really frustrating is that I tried hard to not allow my kids to get hooked on juice. Kids love juice but I think milk is so much better for them. I have been a stingy regulator of juice, ask John he will tell you! Its only for special occasions in our house. After all of that work and kids who don't ask for juice I now have to start giving Becks and Davis a lot of juice. They need it to replace milk, they need it for calories.
So much for all my work on regulating juice!

At least I'm not worrying anymore that Davis is not getting enough protein. And hey if he starts losing all of his hair then I will know to give him more.

Easy enough :)


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

A girl always need her mama and there is nothing wrong with it! My mom will let you know by the amount of times I call her each week! haha :)

Enjoy the help and do what you gotta do to get caught up! My offer still stands to watch ur kiddos! Send them over anytime!

Boons said...

We're sorry to hear about all that you guys have been going through. I can't imagine all the stress you feel right now...but it happens for a reason and you will no doubt come out a stronger family because of your experiences! Hang in there!

Grandma Caroline said...

Yes, I'm on my way. However a word about motherhood. You never outgrow motherhood until you die. I'm so glad to have a daughter who still needs me once in a while. Everyone needs to be needed once in a while, it's harder when your needed ALL THE TIME though.

As for your child screaming I Hate You, well, I still remember the first time you screamed it at me and I cried myself to bed too. Luckily I had just read an Ann Landers colume on such an incedent. Her advice was to say, "That's OK if you hate me, I still love you and you still have to ........" It works, you never said I hate you again.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Sounds tough and pretty stressful on several fronts Lis. Hope things calm down and smooth out a bit.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

btw, where's the link to the vintage image from this page?

Raelyn said...

Readng that last few posts, I totally feel major empathy! I know how I would feel. Last night at dinner I even told Kevin all about the boys...and the situation...he was fascinated by hard it would be suddenly have to change what is NORMAL...but soon, it will be your normal and you will get comfortable with it. Being a mommy is HARD!

SoCal Rogers said...

I love it when I can call my Mom and she can come and save the day. I can just see auntie fixing everything that needs fixing... even the things you didn't think of. The best part is just when your mom walks through the door and you are able to give her a big hug and she says everything is going to be ok.

About the juice thing, try diluting the juice by adding water. Savy's doctor said 1 to 4 juice to water ratio. It cuts down all the sugar.

Miss you!

Mae said...

Thanks for sharing info a PKU. I learned some from Physiology in college but didn't know the dietetics stuff.

I was thinking about your struggle with Caleb and I feel for both you and him. Having gone through the ringer with new meds, I know it's rough. Since I'm an adult, I can tell myself, "You feel weird because it's just the meds. Try to be yourself and all will be ok." I imagine for a 6 year old that's gotta be confusing, not knowing why he suddenly feels differently. But for a mom it's also scary that your kid suddenly changes!

I'm praying for you guys!