Tuesday, May 25, 2010

These pants and these shoes

When John and I were pregnant with Caleb we were POOR - like really POOR. We were about to leave Seattle and go to BYU and we went to a consignment shop by our apt in Mill Creek just to browse. We saw these perfect little blue vans.

We loved them.

We felt guilty about the expense but we couldn't pass them up.

We also as a gift got a pair of Carters jeans. I don't remember who gave them to us but they were new and perfect and cute in every way. They made Caleb look goooood. When it was Davis' turn to wear them, I loved them even more. He also looked amazing in these jeans.

Beckham wears them now. The jeans just got a hole in the knee this week. I wanted to cry because I love them so much. I love them even more because all three of our boys have romped around in them.

They are about to retire for good.
Its probably a good thing - they are starting to look like they need it!


Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

So cute! Love the shoes!

Grandma Caroline said...

How special those shoes are and those pants. I would keep them for posterity sake since they all wore them.