Sunday, May 16, 2010

Primary Talk

Today was Davis' first talk in Primary. He didn't have any worries about being up in front of everyone. He was so excited and when we practiced before church he repeated each word so carefully.I love that Primary gives them a chance to work on public speaking while they are still so little that they don't even know to be nervous.

I have the hardest time not laughing while whispering the words into my kiddos ears when they are giving talks. Something about the cute little way they slobber on the microphone from talking so close and from they way they say words like: atonement and repentance, when they can hardly pronounce them.

These pictures sum him up perfectly - even the sour cream face. Buddy, you make my heart melt.


Grandma Caroline said...

Grandma is in love, but don't tell anyone else! Those eyes and expressions are just so adorable!

Lawther family said...

I can't believe how big he is getting!! so cute. I love when the boys get to give primary talks too. You summed it up perfectly. Its heart warming.

Mark and/or Lisa said...

Such great pictures. It was nice catching up to your blog. All your pics are really looking nice these days.

Raelyn said...

Just like Makylie...he is looking so "little boyish" now! It is amazing!
Very cute pictures!

Boons said...

He's not a toddler anymore! Such a big boy! Miss you guys!