Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Activity Days

I am super excited about the Summer Break and super nervous. When Caleb gets bored he acts up. I have given it a lot of thought since we don't have a lot of spare money as to how we can keep busy. I decided I was going to pick 5 activities that we would have each week. One on each day. It wont always be on the same day but at least this way we have an outline of how we are going to keep busy. Here are the activities:
  • Lunch with Daddy Day
  • Friend play day
  • Swim or splash pad day
  • Cooking class and movie day
  • Dixie activity and/or dollar craft day
We have 2 Dixie Direct cards and there are A LOT of free things we can do. 2 museums, jumping jacks, bumper boats...We always "save" them and then the end of the year comes and they haven't been used. I'm hoping this will help us get out and use them! I also love that Michaels has a huge $1 section for crafts. We will be hitting that up this summer for sure.

I'm really excited and we are going to have to much fun.
I just have to stay organized and on top of things!


Grandma Caroline said...

Oh my, you sound just like I used to sound, sort of. I don't think I was as excited about it as you are. I was excited that I could put you all in the car and GO!

Abbie said...

Sounds like so much fun.

The Gallagher Family said...

I'm nervous too. What do you do with them without both of you going crazy!

Sabrina said...

Smart ideas, I was trying to find something fun for Bryce today, I need to come up with something like you have.

Sara said...

That sounds like a great plan! I'm sure that after this baby is due, I'll be living in pure chaos for w few weeks, but I think I need to do something like this. For Mason and Katie's sake and my sanity!